Could you be a Taliban?.....take this simple test and find out!

1. Do you have more wives than teeth?

2. Do you own a $25,000 rocket launcher but refuse to shell out on a decent pair of boots?

3. Do you cultivate poppy but have a moral objection to beer?

4. Do you think vests come in 2 styles? - Bullet proof and suicide?

And most significantly.....

5. Do you scrape the shit off your sweaty arse with your bare left hand, but consider bacon unclean?!
Heard that one before, once or a hundred times!

and anyway what's a Taliban?

Is it something akin to a Smokingban?


She's lookin' at that Dog's Todger!
She's lookin' at that Dog's Todger!

Congratulations! Now you can add a BA in Beastiality to your sig block.

(Got any pics?)