Could yer make it in da mob

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Silvester, Nov 3, 2005.

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  1. Kid, yer a solid performah and can do a coupla tings right, but don't get ta tinkin' dat yer a don. Dere's a coupla gentlemen dat would like ta see ya "go on a little vacation," see. But I gots faith in ya--welcome to da family. *da hug*
  2. My mob name is "One Ear Veg" Etius.
  3. As my user name indicates, I'm typically just a lurker on these boards, killing time on a quiet midnight shift in the colonies...I just wanted to post a warning to y'all--I clicked on the above link, and my work computer's antivirus software went absolutely apesh!t. Be warned...
  4. Meet "Ugly Etorrio" Spizziani.
  5. Butt faced Hat-I slappa yor face
  6. The doctor
  7. No Soul 8O
  8. Sandy "The Machine" ******** 8)

    Ok, who told em I like to grease my "moving parts"? :lol:
  9. the Lion ... could be worse :lol:
  10. Kid, I tink yer goin' places. Ya gotta good head on yer shouldahs and ya can hold yer own in a tiff. But I gotta warn ya--ya ain't da besta da best, so know yer place, wiseguy. Welcome to da family. *da hug* Now go out dere and give 'em hell. Yer mob name is:

    Mere "the Tiger" Minx

  11. Officers"the animal"bird

    mmmm grrrrr
  12. "smilin" ****** ******* :?: 8O :roll:
  13. "smilin" ****** ******* :?: 8O :roll:
  14. 'Big Paw' - kinda appropriate with my avatar...