Could we re-liberate the Falklands this year ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by floppyjocky, Feb 10, 2006.

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  1. Just seen the evening news and someone is spouting off again about giving the Falklands back.

    It made me wonder if, given the current level of manpower and various Ops going on, could we, as a nation, go down and sort the blighters out if the Argentines re-invaded.

    I personally think we would struggle, not through lack of (military) will but purely through lack of equipment and resources.

  2. well we'd need a un resolution, argies up before un security council, popular public support and god knows what else. I don't think we would have the politcal clout or the political strength (tories now having always been against iraq, apparently) to make a big enough deal of it to warrant the effort, expenditure and possible loss of life. Could we rely on our best buddies from across the atlantic to help out? I think we're in the international doghouse, america would let us down and it'll all add up to a bloody mess if we did try.
    For what my opinion counts...
  3. I'm wondering the same. Bliar and friends will probably try to explain to the nation how the Falklands really belong to the Argentines and it's about time they took them back.
  4. Ha ha ha ha ha, not a hope. And to add insult to injury the Monkey Bush will not be at all interested so BLiar wont have the b4lls to do a 'Thatcher' himself.

    Sum result = Los Malvinas speaking Spanish again and BLiar making up some sad excuse that sovereignty not being an issue as the Argentine have been our friends for many years... blah.... blah.... bo11ocks.
  5. I'm sure I saw something this morning about demands to hand the Falklands back to the Argies (I think it came from Chavez, but I could be wrong).
    Idon't think the British Army could muster a similar effort to 1982, though.
    I was about to suggest we send the Septics instead, but with their dubious methods of "liberating" people, all the Argies would be gone, but all the islanders would be brown bread too! So maybe not such a good idea.

  6. I'd think that ideally, troops would be pulled out of current theatres and sent over there to liberate the Falklands but again it's Friday evening and I need a drink.
  7. Oh yes they could. The two-faced double dealing bunch of w*nkers who make up the government are desperate for something to deflect them away from their destruction of this country. Saved Thatcher in '82 and would save Bliar, unless of course the muslims get there first and build a mosque in Stanley. Bring back conscription !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alright officer
  8. unfortunatly theres still some ageing tornado f3s parked at mount pleasant not much cop against the latest fighters true, but equal to anything south and central america can put in the air :D
    plus the royal navy frigate and submarine prowling about.
    leaves the RIC in the event of war to not actually do a lot .
    Chavez leads a mass para drop they all die enroute
    come by sea belgarano 2.
  9. True. I'm sure floating a TLAM through the Argentine Defence Minister's bedroom window at silly o'clock could prompt a rapid change in policy, and while the sight of their troops ships spontaneously combusting might cause a little confusion at first, I'm confident they'd get the idea soon enough.

    The F3, complete with AMRAAM and ASRAAM is more than a match for the 50s & 60s vintage Argentinian Air Force. (Remember how well they did against the SHAR FRS1 in 82 with only a pair of sidewinders). If Chavez decides to put his money where his mouth is, he might send some F 16s down to help, but they'd have a hard time staying servicable.

    Occupying and controlling islands can be rather problematic when you don't control the sea and sky around them.

    More to the point though, is that Argentina couldn't make the effort they made in 1982 either. They've lost their only carrier, their military is in an even worse state, as far as cash goes, they don't have a pot to p1ss in and, if every Argentinian I ever met is anything to go by, very few people actually give a fcuk about the place (the obvious exception being that little cnut Erwin, whom I suspect will make an appearance shortly). I even have two studes (twin brothers) from Argentina and they- without any prompting from me- refer to the place as the Falklands. They're good lads- are pretty handy with a rugby ball and even learned how to have a knock-about with a cricket bat at school.
  10. Hmm, now there's an idea. An asylum centre on Pebble Island- that'll separate the wheat from the chaff. :twisted:
  11. It would not require any UN resolution. UN resolutions might be required by nations that are not directly involved in order to get involved but we would not need one.

    All Blair would have to do is demand the immediate withdrawal of Argie forces with a failure to do so prompting a formal declaration of war. That in turn makes Argie forces on the mainland legitimate targets.

    Despite the massive force reductions we have endured since the last match we still have the ability to strike Argentina and strike it very hard. Also bear in mind the massive damage the garrisoned infantry company would inflict on the invading forces especially if their mission was to kill as many spics as possible as per Gibraltar.
  12. Hmm, sure we did this a few months ago,
    But here goes again.
    If the Argentines could muster a similar size force like they used first time around then we MIGHT have a slight problem
    We just don't have the physical amount of military power to draw upon that we had in round one.
    Saying that i reckon we'd have 'em on the ropes within two weeks, our technology might not be top notch, but our combat ready expertise and operational experience would help.
    Right where's that munter Erwin the desert Wind bag?
  13. Nay focking problem!

    I'd dust off my SLR and take the whole focking argiebargie army on myself! Stuff airpower, i'll drop their planes from the sky with well-placed rocks thrown by my godly arms.

    SLR in one hand, walking caine in t'other. Then I'll single handedly swim across (or just take a ferry) to the argiebargie mainland and 'take the battle to them'. the argies still use their FN FALs?
  14. Apologies Darth, I only saw it on the news today and didn't fancy trawling back through months of posts. And it gives a chance for the 3000 or so new members to comment without doing the same.

    I do believe that the Argentine forces are much better equiped and better prepared these days, although I doubt they have the will (or the inclination). My worry is that working on the "just enough, just in time" principle that we have adopted leaves little room for unplanned major excursions and that the likelihood is that our government wouldn't be able to deal with it. The logistics required for an Op so far away just aren't available as a solo nation task. Would anyone assist? Would our government bother?
  15. FloppyJock
    I wasn't being deriosory (spelling)
    I did set this little exercise up with a mucker of mine who's off to RMAS sometime very soon
    He, with a limited knowledge admittedly, came to the conclusion , that we'd get our Arrse kicked if we tried the same approach as last time and doubted that we had the naval elements vital to the re-taking of the islands
    At the last time of checking we have 2, yes TWO, carriers. One of which is about to go on-station in the Indian ocean or about to leave and the other is either on a refit or sea trials.We do have HMS Ocean, but i'm not sure that that vessel is capable of supporting fixed wing operations.
    Doubtful we have the Arrse in the grass Infantry, Chavalry and Armour elements any more, or if we do, on paper , these troops are either on build-up for Iraq or Afghanistan or worse on wind down from these places.
    Air element, well i guess we could let the Eurofighter get as far as Ascension but it aint got the range to go any further and be any use.No long range bombers ,like The Vulcan. Might have some old Canberras not yet pensioned off, but due out of service imminently.
    Suppose we could go tactical with TLAM from Subs, if the Septics don't turn off the sats that guide them ,in a hissy fit for not being included.
    Edited for Schnapps induced spelling and grammar.