Could we learn something from the Iranians?

I work with an ex-pat Iranian and he has just shown me this:

If the picture doesn't appear please follow the link below :oops:

Apparently the photo is of police charged with enforcing the Iranian equivalent of an ASBO. How would some of the little fcukers in Britain like this sort of treatment?

The website is here:

Edited to say oh look, the picture does appear!


They have no sense of humour either in their forces


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I wonder if the ASBOs have been dished out for stealing Ipods . . .

Hat, coat, gone
Plus they also drive a crane around and use it to hang people from puplic executions , so living near a square with low bridges all the way around it
mushroom said:
Yes and they stone women to death for adultery. Apparently it's all their fault for seducing men.
Reminds me of a joke
What makes a paedophile?
Sexy Children
And yes it is the womans fault for dressing in those skimpy burkas, infidel hussies

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