Could we have stopped the bear?


Would anyone be interested in a collection of documents about US Naval Strategy in the 1980s - which was fully integrated with NATO?

US Naval Strategy in the 1980s

Page 75/76: Our key allies would increase their readiness and, in accordance with plans, deploy some of their forces. The NATO Standing Naval Forces in the Atlantic and the Channel would increase readiness, and the Naval On-call Force, Mediterranean would be constituted. The Royal Navy would send SSN’s forward and a British ASW task group, centered around at least one carrier, would put to sea in EASTLANT. French carrier task groups and submarines could be expected to put to sea in the Western Mediterranean.

The West German Navy would move to conduct forward operations in the Baltic, and the Turkish Navy, especially its submarines, would do the same in the Black Sea. The Italian Navy would deploy in the North Central Med, and a Spanish ASW carrier task group would also get under way in the Atlantic.

British and Dutch Marines would reinforce Norway...

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