Could we finally be paid what we are worth??

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by MDCV, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. Please read the artice below, I hope when they say 'Intelligence Officers' that they are talking about the whole corps and not just the Officer Corps. We may actually finally get paid what we are worth.

    Exodus of officers hits war on terror

    Daily Telegraph 13 Aug 07

    The military's ability to fight global terrorism is being hampered by an exodus of officers from the Intelligence Corps, with 20 per cent departing in the past three years, defence sources have disclosed.
    The use of a key weapon in fighting the Taliban and Iraqi insurgents, as well as Islamic terrorists, has been undermined by more than 100 officers being lured into highly paid private security jobs or becoming disillusioned at the way intelligence is handled, The Daily Telegraph has learnt.
    Senior officers are also deeply concerned that the fall in numbers has resulted in people being posted to jobs above their rank, for which they do not have the experience or training.

    "The corps now has to operate with people they would not normally fit into a post," a defence source said. "Majors are being put into a lieutenant colonel's job they are not up to right now.

    "To sustain what the Intelligence Corps is doing, losing 20 per cent of officers is pretty hard. To some extent they can no longer fill posts that they wish to because they just don't have enough people. They have to give the jobs to non-specialists."

    The defections to the private sector come at a time when the Armed Forces are fighting increasingly bloody battles in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Last week it emerged that the military was on course to lose more troops in Iraq this year than in 2003 - when the invasion took place - after suffering 41 fatalities since the start of the year compared to the 53 who died four years ago.
    In addition, a report by the Commons foreign affairs committee warns today that President George W Bush's plan to restore peace in Iraq by introducing a "surge" of 33,000 extra troops is likely to fail.
    And yesterday it was announced that another soldier had been killed fighting in Afghanistan, bringing the total number of British servicemen killed in action in the past week to six.
    The serviceman, from 1st Bn The Royal Anglian Regiment, was killed when his patrol base in the volatile Helmand province came under attack from small arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades.
    The Army is already suffering significant losses of experienced soldiers who have been lured into lucrative security jobs, earning up to £500 a day in Iraq or Afghanistan.
    In particular, Special Forces are suffering with dwindling numbers as troops are recruited into the private sector. Only last month, the commanding officer of 22 SAS left a promising career for a well-paid civilian job.
    The retention crisis has meant that the Army is 3,500 soldiers under strength, many of them experienced and senior NCOs.
    There is a major worry that the loss of personnel from the Intelligence Corps will impact on operations against terrorists. A plan to prevent further losses from the pool of about 500 officers by offering a £50,000 bonus for three further years' service is under consideration by the Ministry of Defence.
    Liam Fox, the shadow defence secretary, said there was an indication that the Intelligence Corps was "so over-stretched that it may mean operations are compromised".
    He said: "They are being sent on a very high number of deployments but without intelligence we are working in the dark."
    He added that there had been a "complete failure" to understand the importance of intelligence, and the situation had not been helped by MI5 and MI6 "poaching" Intelligence Corps officers.
    Defence sources said retaining experienced Intelligence Corps officers with the rank of major or lieutenant colonel was difficult and "there simply are not enough".
    International security companies are poaching them with offers of £125,000, tax-free, for a year in Baghdad including three months' leave. By contrast, a major in the Army would earn around £47,000.
    "Military intelligence just cannot compete with salaries that are three times those paid by the Army," a defence source said.
    An MoD spokesman admitted it faced challenges of "recruiting and retention" in all the Services and was "trying hard to resolve them".
    While civilian contracts are attractive, officers have also become increasingly disillusioned with the way intelligence is being handled. Despite the massive failures of the 2003 Iraq invasion and the subsequent Hutton and Butler inquiries, there is huge frustration that some commanders do not appreciate the specialisation.
    The role of the Intelligence Corps, particularly in defeating the IRA in Northern Ireland, has been recognised as crucial in the fight against terrorism.
    Today their job at home and abroad has become important enough for the corps to be expanded to 2,000 personnel - about the same size as MI5.
    At the high end of operations its officers and men work alongside Special Forces providing them with vital information to carry out missions.
  2. Yes. We're all going to get massive bonuses and not be seen as a snivelling bunch of moaning sycophants... bloody journo.

  3. Poached by MI5 and MI6?

    What a load of tosh! Those windy t***s wouldn't touch us with a cattle prod 'cos we'd run rings round them!
  4. They generally decide to not want us and send us running after vetting interviews with snobby types who look down on you the moment they lay eyes on you... or perhaps THAT is the test...

  5. MDCV you could a least have had the nouse to use an account that was set up a while ago instead of teh same day as the story!! Read the story, tube!
  6. Lets spread a rumour - it was MDCV who leaked it in the first place...

    Nope - G2LB is right MDCV is a journo and should be treated as he/she deserves.
  7. Please read the artice below, I hope when they say 'Intelligence Officers' that they are talking about the whole corps and not just the Officer Corps. We may actually finally get paid what we are worth.

    Balloon. Everyone is paid at the same rate according to PAY2000 and the corresponding weighting applied to each trade by an independent body, plus an X factor of 13% to offset the vagaries of service life.

    God help me.....
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    If you are all to get paid for your worth, does that mean that you have to bring in your cheque books to clear the account first? :wink:

    Awaiting incoming

    p.s. It was a big boy who posted that but he ran away.
  9. NASA are just getting back with calculations on how much YOU owe in overpayment.
  10. Stop whining! you could finish in the Int Corps and end up working for the local council - then you'd know what it's really like to be underpaid, and having to work with,( in general) a load of tossereants!!
  11. Shamus is actually the Mayor. PERSEC prevents me disclosing too much, but I hear thet the civic limo is a stretched DB9.

    Such was the revenue generated from his prudent measures such as the draconian parking regime he instituted. ( All wardens previously served 22 years etc etc....) and sale of all council houses. Needless to say the bins are regularly emptied each month........ and the recycling on alternate months.

    The council chamber also doubles as a licensed casino when not in use
  12. Word is that it could only be Maj and Lt Cols that will be getting the bonus as they are the necessary (LOL) ranks that the Corps are haemoraging. We need to encourage more SNCO and JNCOs to leave and then maybe we can get the bonus too.

    The same thing apparently happened in the RAF, for pilots, a few years ago, but they had to commit to 7 years more years in the cockpit.
  13. Could always have more LEs.......

  14. Erm... could someone point me in the direction of these apparently abundant £500 a day, or three times salary jobs?! Poach me! Poach me!

    Still, I wouldn't believe it until it's verified by two or more credible sources... ;-)

    Plus, I've heard that the PMC bubble has burst, as they can get Polish lads to do it for a fifth of the price...
  15. when i was PMC i never got a penny extra. lying *******.