Could this mean the end of playing the race card?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dingerr, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. But will some be treated "fairer" than others? The bill is a guide, the actual enforcment of the law relys on its interpretation.

    Why should this be in? There is nothing wrong with excluding people from a group, for a fair reason. A ladies day at a golf course, to me anyway, is a fair enough reason.

    The golf club is private (generaly), and has probably decided to run the ladies day at the bequest and with the concent of its members.

    The girls don't want men at a Anne Summers party, the blokes don't want wemen at a Stag only dinner night.

    Sometimes these lawmakers astound me!!!!
  2. Military Dining Nights have women at 'stag' functions.

    Extra punctuation does not increase your point - it makes you look a bit dim.
  3. And making comments that don't make sense don't make you look clever.
  4. What on earth is a 'dining night'? Must be some RAF idiosyncrasy and, as most RAF personnel are women of one sort or another, the decision to allow them to attend stag nights appears to be a perfectly rational one.
  5. Edited for being too petty.
  6. I take it they are not in uniform in case they offend the SODOFFYO staff and wear ear defenders just in case someone says something offensive.

  7. The type who plays the race card will only go looking for something else to use in its place. If they were the sensible sort who just gets mucked in, they wouldn't have latched onto this in the first place.
  8. Isn't this just going to turn out to be yet another waste of tax payers money? They'll spend months investigating all angles, of course incorporating how these policies work in the Seychelles, Mauritius, etc and then come to the conclusion that any race or gender should be allowed to breast feed in a Super Casino :roll:
  9. Am I picking up a hint of cynicism there?
  10. That will come as a surprise to people who have been rejected for jobs due to the colour of their skin.

    Will the proposed new law have an opt out for organisations like the National Black Police Association? They allow whites to be members but don't allow them to vote.
  11. Yes, they do have women at stag events. However these women are in the forces/club/mess. It is the partners who aren't with them, which of course could include "husbands of", which are becoming more and more common.

    We've had men turn up to "ladies" nights, as the partners of the mess member, and we've had husbands turn up to the wives club meals.

    Don't be a tube. You knew what I meant. Knob.

  12. Why is it that all the 'Chairs' of these various organisations are either non white,mixed heritage or wimmin???
  13. That's why they are more frequently being called Guest nights.
  14. I've found recently that declaring myself to be "mixed race" on all official docs especially from the local Council has lead to me getting much better service than I previously experienced. And afterall we are all mixed race to some degree (even if its 20 or more generations back) so I'd like to see them prove I'm not.