Could this be extended to TA Units

Discipline said:
Could this be extended to TA Units as some kind of licence condition, may be to serve a minimum time

Can any one shed any light on this as it was some time ago.

Although the url seems ok, there is something not quite right about that page, spelling mistakes and why the use of Chinese internet characters at the end? Quality of the page looks like it has been doctored.

Also would help if the actual page wasn't 10 years old!


Ahhh I vaguely rmember this, ten years ago, bright idea from the politicos quickly shelved and never heard of again...
See "YAGI" (acronym)
Well that would be spiffing if they defered me to three flipping years years but open some thieving scumbag wanting to join just to get a home and food with open arms.

feel a full blown rant brewing


yeah i remember this about 10 years ago!

don't think its a good idea to recruit people who have taken the army over prison!

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