Could they hack it?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by the_baron, May 18, 2006.

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  1. James Kirk

  2. Richard Sharpe

  3. Will Riker

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  4. Jack O'Neill

  5. Wolverine

  6. Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal

  7. Han Solo

  8. Henno

  1. After reading some of the threads on this site got me thinking and this is the result.

    If all these guys got together in a Royale Rumble, Cage Rage, Last Man Standing, pillow fight :oops: , erhm who'd leave battered, bruised but otherwise okay. And who'd end up worm food.

    And would any of them make it in the British Army?
  2. Han Solo, because he's always got a Wookie in Tac Res. Anyhoo, Sharpie must have been in the Brit Army as the number of young officers I've encountered who model their uniform on Sharpe's , ahem, imaginative, use of acoutrements shows that he was once here. Henno too is one of us: he is a Morale Countermeasures Management plant to encourage the bloaters to believe that they can be SF and nails wiv it, innit.
  3. Wolverine would win he is a mutant with bloody knives as fingernails .Binned in recruit training as dont do orders .
    2nd place Maximus he is a roman general and you didnt do that job in the rear .General british army though thought a bit odd with being obsessed with ancient battles and latin quotations .
    3rd place Richard Sharpe veteran many hand to hand battles but not a mutant and though handy no match for a roman .Infantry private with spells in colchester .Transfer to special forces was the making of him .Left army as major under a cloud went on to be succesful pmc with alleged links to british intelligence .
    4place Henno though veteran of the sas simply out classed by ancient fighters . Though looking like a lard bucket completes 22 yr and buys pub
    5 Jack O'Neil basically a rock ape officer out of his depth .long career in special forces support group.
    6 James tiberus kirk basically navy guy could hack army but would be asked to resign over insurbodination or sexual scandal
    7 han solo may be cool as fcuk but not really a bruiser career in cav cut short by embazoling mess funds /shagging royal princess scanda

    8 Will riker beard likes jazz and cooking ,likes taking order from a frenchman NO
  4. What about Jack Bauer? We could send him in place of a Bn or two to square the world away.

    24 is quite realistic though to be fair; he's always getting fcuked over by politicians who run his country.
  5. Richard Sharpe would win it any day of the week!
  6. You obviously fancy him!!!
  7. I reckon including Wolverine in this is a tad harsh...

    Discounting the superhuman mutant, Sharpe would win. I reckon he'd hand Maximus his arse on a plate. Sharpe was tall (in the books he's meant to be over six foot, tall by 1815 standards, a bloody giant by Roman ones - your average Legionary was reckoned to be about 5'3".) so he's got the reach. No-one can dispute that he'd be handy in a brawl whereas Maximus, although undoubtedly nails, would be getting close to retirement/death around age 45. If we're talking about Sharpe when he's a sergeant, absolutely no contest. Even as a Colonel in 1815 he'd still whip the eyetie all over the ring.
  8. Although played by the same bloke as Jack Neil in Stargate.. what about McGyver?

  9. Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife, without question.

    He also owns one of the best lines in movie history: 'Unleash hell'. Great stuff
  10. They went in for bu titles back then... would have been a bugger to get that on his business card!
  11. I wasn't arguing about any of the entrant's fighting skills as each,in their own way,would be a difficult prospect to beat.
    However,I was commenting on her reasoned,well explained support for one particular candidate.
    Typical woman's debating skills in use there i think!
  12. How about a Johny Vega's style last mast standing drinking contest?? I can see Wolverine's claw jobby's geting in the way of his pint holding... Jack O'Neil is a yank, so no contest...
    I'm not sure who'd win...

    T C
  13. Drinking contest? That would be won by Maximus Decimus Meridius every time.

    You don't become a Roman general without taking part in your fair share of debauched toga wearing loungeing on the bed type pis5ups.

  14. Sharpe he is a British squaddie who routinely fights and duels his superior officers after a night on the razz.

    Maximus - Is Italian, He'll have a half a shandy spot a bird and dissappear with her in the first half hour.