Could the TA..................

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by YANTOFULPELT, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. be Mobbed for Fresco????
    Ideas anyone???
  2. I've heard this talked about as a possible solution to the over stretch problem.
  3. Employer Support - Probably
    Public Support - Probabaly
    Good PR - Probably
    Time to reveal the Emergency Role 2 (NC) Sig Bde has - probably
  4. Mass resignations when TA used for strike-breaking - priceless.
  5. I thought this had happened already. Maybe its just an urban legend, but the story goes that a few TA blokes were mobilised (for a short period only) for Op Fresco.

    What was their civvy job?

  6. So.................. Yes or No????
  7. Computer says no.
  8. CCRF Committment?????
  9. In my opinion yes they would have as the regs are so overstretched were else will they find the manpower.
  10. Computer says no.

  11. The TA mobilse already. Others volunteer to mobilse.

    Altho i do get your point of a mass mobilisation.

    I can't really see some of the pie-eaters i know donning their green in a hurry ;)
  12. Do the CCRF commitments vary from region to region?

    I can only ever seem to find infor on the North east.
  13. The thing being it's about pensions this time.
    Bit of a "Hot Spud" with Bliar at the mo.
    Perhaps some more public support this time.
    Who knows????
  14. Bit rich the TA covering for the fire sevice to get a better pension while the TA get none at all.
  15. So Dr Evil we can use Regs to break strikes but not TA? One Army concept?