Could The Selous Scouts Concept Work In Iraq ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Jan 2, 2005.

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  1. The Scouts were unique in that theatre.
    Never saw the point of the beards but "Black is Beautiful" was an experience- or was it trying to get it off.

    How do you think they might be recruited and deployed?
  2. I am not sure the concept would work in Iraq because we are facing an urban warfare environment not jungle or other rugged terrain. But it certainly is worth considering. As for organization I would think it would have to be a squad sized force. Perhaps a better concept might be the how the SAS in NI operated.
  3. Different concept of the type of war

    First off the terrs that were turned had a simple choice.

    As many of them were themselves not initially politically aligned to any of the fighting factions, ZAPU or ZANU per say but were kidnapped, forced to join as helpers and then forced to commit documented atrocities by there ‘fellow’ terrorists, forcing a loose association of fear to remain within said organisation or their crimes would be passed onto the Rhodesian forces.. As both ZANU and ZAPU relied on note-books for documenting all action, once these were captured the information gleaned from them was used to turn the terr.

    So it would be, “Ah comrade Nison, we know you kill the Headman from Mustui village on 12. May 77 and are now running with the Nubi gang, you war name is “Mavrigo Futsi” but your real name is Nison Goodboy. “Change sides for us and your past crimes will be forgotten.” “Oh and you won’t hang.”

    Many changed over between sides during the war depending on how the war was going as well at the time.

    The fact that the turned operating terrs were ex real terrs could get them into meeting other terrs they had met in training or know of through a friend of a friend.

    If the war in Iraq can now be said a to be religious /fundamentalist war. Can’t see many captured insurgents given the option of, fight for us and (if found out by your old mates you will certainly die a terrible death) or go to a prison for a while? Depending on the outcome of the elections and ongoing war.

    The beard thing was for the white operator running the pseudo gang’s Caucasian features from being easily identified. The leader of each pseudo gang rarely went out on the actual gang meetings but remained at the OP / LUP relaying info back to the local HQ.
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Probably not Tom as the pseud teams operated in the bush & the majority of the terrs in Iraq seem to be operating in urban areas.
    There'd be too much contact with the locals who would spot any inconsistencies very quickly, as indeed happened on occassion in Rhodies.

    However as the majority of Scouts were black, if it were possible to find enough locals who were beyond intimidation, and if there were enough Arabic linguists amongst those qualified to lead pseud teams, then it might have a chance.
    Bit of a folorn hope though.

    The use of some firquat might have been on the cards early on, but it'll be a long drag to start it now.
    But as we're in the place for the forseeable future, all possibilities should be examined to try to bring about a sensible solution.

    However as has been mentioned, many of the terrs appear to have been brainwashed/indoctrinated, call it what you will, into believing that kaffirs are unworthy of anything but conversion or death
  5. Cutaway

    Not too sure what you mean there? The terrs thought the Kaffirs (Themselves? as it were ) or others?
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Kaffir and Kufr are Arabic words meaning non-believer, heathen if you will.
    Originally used in southern Africa by Arab slave traders talking about the wares they were buying from various tribes.
    As the slaves weren't of the Islamic faith they were 'kaffirs,' regardless of the colour of their skin.
  7. Yes I know that, its just your wording reads funny to me.

    If they were Ex Rhodi terrs they would be 'munts or affs' the boers used kaffir but thats a moot point.