Could the Recession lead to an increase in Terrorism?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by instinct, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. The economic down turn has already made news with the increase in petty crime. Is it likely that we will see upsurge in terrorist activity as jobs, opportunity and so forth dry up. This leading too many young and old disaffected men joining organisations like the IRA/Radical islamists and so forth.

    So for we have the recent bomb found in N’Ireland but is this an isolated event by a few renegades or is it possible that more people are losing jobs etc and turning to this activity?
  2. Instinct, I've edited your opener to reflect the potential problem being global. I think it is a jolly good question.

    Could the recession lead to an increase in terrorism globally? Personally, I think we're in line for a war somewhere, which traditionally seems to be where deep recessions end :(
  3. With this in mind

    It is worth noting that a position has been recently put forward for everyone to only have two kids.

    The Times

    I have said this for a little while, mainly in response to chavettes sh1tting out more kids than the people int he country who actually work.

    Whilst many are condeming the proposers positionon such things as abortion and what not some useful nuggets of info.

    By 2050 it is beleived that on current birth rates, the world will have a populationof nearly 10 billion.

    By 2028, Britain will have a population over 70 million.

    For these massive megapopulations we will require many resources, not to mention space.....

    Can UK support 70,000,000 people? Or will this population run out of control and turn on itself?

    Can the planet support 10 billion or are we in line for the worst pandemic and/or war in history?

    Another usefull snippet of information is that chav families ie those that don't work, are producing MORE kids and at an earlier point in their lives than those who do.

    Essentially meaning the productive population will soon be overrun by (what would be in natures terms) parasites.
  4. I think that the extremes of the left and the right will start kicking off shortly as its all the fault of the bloody foriegners/capitalist factory owners that we are in a recession, not sure if it will escalate into terrorism or just your average groups of thugs kicking off at the slightest reason.
    Ultra Islamists (unlike the IRA) are not in it for the money, blowing yourself up doesn't help your profit margins so I can't see either an increase or decrease in their activities regardless of the financial situation.
  5. "Radical Islamism" Isn't a political project (Islamism) designed to convert the whole world to Islam not radical in itself?
  6. Which has c*ck all to do with the question. Wasn't your last account suspended?
  7. Something along the lines of China's one child policy? Demographic issues, i.e. females being aborted/killed leading to a disproportionate number of boys to girls, aside, this policy has worked to reduce the Chinese population. Only problem I can see with the idea of bringing it over here is that the laws regarding gender selection (currently ruled out) would possibly have to be relaxed.

    Back to the original question though:

    I did find an interesting article about the recession being good for the BNP, and this quote:

    And this from the Times

    So potentially not just a few isolated incidents...
  8. Without going to far down the road, I wouldn't copy Chinas approach. One child per family is what we would have to bring in if we don't start looking at the problem early enough. Nor do I agree with withholding medicine in order to thin out the population.

    I would like to see enhanced help (ie tax breaks etc) to those with two children (as mentioned before twins inthe second birth or triplets in the first birth (for example) would be aided regardless. With no extra help or possibley lowered help to those who have more than two kids.

    Regards infanticide (particularly female) the reasons for this practice are wide and diverse. However in most cases this revolves around the care of the elderly. The female leaves her family to look after her husbands family. Thus it is a sort of retirement package.

    Seeing as in UK we mainly pack the old away in homes or forget about them, this shouldn't have too much influence on things.
  9. Could well be both. People who suddenly loose their jobs get frustrated over time. Everybody deals differently with this frustration. If what I'm reading in the papers is correct, we're experiencing one of the biggest - if not the biggest - economic crisis ever.

    And people aren't just blaiming the current and previous governements' policies - but are in fact issueing online death threats. "Brown/Blair must hang for this", "Lefties must die", etc. Personnally I'm a bit worried about this personification of our current global problems. Our personal situation may be very difficult to solve, but what apparently caused it suddenly has a name and a face. It ceased to be a macro-economic mess up.

    It could lead to average groups kicking off. Yet, I wouldn't be surprised if a new group emerged who'll seduce people into believing they have something worth getting up for in the morning.
  10. I see your point Stacker, but how long did it take this country to go from 'Shining beacon of democracy' to near anarchy during the Petrol strike?
  11. Or quite simply, the Government needs to stop handing out money so readily.

  12. Pfft.

    I don't think that you fully understand the meaning of anarchy.
  13. I think criminal activity and public demonstrations will increase but not terrorism. I can't see that there is anything for a terrorist group to achieve during the early stages of this recession.
  14. Oh I think I do. Hence the use of "Shining beacon of democracy" . When white middle class housewives are prepared to have punchups in Petrol stations or supermarkets over Milk , when people who wouldn't normally get overly agitiated start getting militant, then we're on our way to a near anarchic state of being.

    It took surprisingly little for people to get very angry once the Petrol stopped flowing.
  15. An opportunity to create yet more problems, chaos, fear, etc....?