Could the prison system become profitable?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Howler, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. Having a chat with a mate over a beer about the prison system. Neither of us have any real experience of it (Apart from 30 mins in Browning Barracks for "Not lifting your arms" when marching :roll: )

    We were thinking about privatisation.
    Could it work?
    Could each prisoner become financially viable?
    Could short term prisoners work 8 hours a day in prison factories making the stuff we import from China?
    Could long term prisoners be trained and sold on at a profit?
    Could the cleverer ones form an 'Information Hub' providing advice to companies cheaply?
    Could call centres, computer graphic content, data imput, even many blue collar jobs be outsourced to a cheap labour pool?
    Would the prisoners rise to the challenge (With incentives), or rebel?

    We are not talking concentration camps here, but training, help and future prospects. There are many problems and issues, but could it work? and if so, how?
  2. I like the concentration camp idea.

    Road crews and litter collecters on the motorways. Unpaid, in the stinking heat (not that you lot actually get heat over there. Stinking rain then) and forced to work 12 hour days by angry wardens.

    That way the useless pricks can actually contribute to society.
  3. Course it could.

    Bill the inmates Food and accomdoation, the richer can buy nicer sellls. We didn´t ask them to commit crime did we?

    Bump up the prices on toiletrys etc inide.

    Make the convicts work for us.

    1. Sifting through garbage for recyclables.
    2. Use the prisons as farms. Obviously farm machinera is convict powered.
    3. hand cranks for electricity, that i nturn produces hydrogen and oxygen (through the correct system) for hydrogen cells.
    4. Packing junk mail in to envelopes for junk mail companies.
    5. chanin gangs.

    oh the list is endless.

    Work them, work some sense in to them.
  4. Im all for it and have had similar ideas.
    But you know the trade unions and the human rights whingers will never allow it :evil:
  5. Ok I'll bite. Pay per view offings. Bring back hanging.

    Lame, hat coat. Bye.
  6. Prisoners don't rise to challenges I'm afraid, despite any incentive you might offer. What they actually do is kick back and resist any instruction given, even if it's for their benefit and they do it just for the sake of being awkward because they don't have the mind set of normal people. Prisons do run purposeful work activities, for instance (depending on what part of the country you're based) you may find the signs around camp were made in a prison workshop as the MOD has that contract at the moment. Not that it does any good since most of the the creatures that make them never learn anyway.
  7. We must follow the lead of China. Forget call centres. Harvest their organs. Have you any idea what a kidney is worth? I'll tell you. It's worth about half as much as two kidneys.
  8. Hire out training areas and have a chav hunt to the highest bidders, they can drive around chasing chavs and shoot them when caught.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It's all about 'umin rights innit! The right to work or employment. Just because we 'ave seen fit to remove their right to free movement, doesn't mean we 'ave to go all the way. I say LET them work, LET them get paid even - and then LET them pay for their accomodation and food - after all, Soldiers have similar restrictions on when and where they can go, and they work long hours, and they 'ave to pay for their food and lodgings - not to mention council tax for when they is in the sunshine abroad!

    Give prisoners the same rights I say!
  10. Could we just convert some of the coal fired power stations to take humans (well I think used to be)? I heard that we burn quite well once we get going even though we are 80% water.
  11. Incorporate (see what I did there?) a preparation chamber and have the corpses suspended in the waste heat to pre-dessicate them, then a conveyor belt transfers them to the furnace.

    Just the thing to revitalise British engineering.
  12. Sweeny Todd made a few quid!
  13. Isn't this the same country that shoots political prisoners,then sends the family the bill for the round!
  14. how about packing mail into junk mail envelopes FOR junk mail companies??
  15. The self-same. Fcukers.