Could the Osprey be an Ostrich?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Flying Felix, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. Just had a thought about the USMC’s Osprey.
    Anybody got any ideas to its single engine drills, apart from falling out of the sky?
    Can it survive a PFL with the rotors in the vertical position?
    Is the lift generated from the wing on the dead side sufficient to maintain stability?
  2. apart from that the spams are whining it can't swoop in fast and low but has to stop tilt then lower itself not exactly brilliant in a tactical transport plus too narrow to carry serious sort of kit plus it regualrly kills marines :cry:
    whatch MOD order oodles of them :twisted:
  3. Felix you plonker!

    The rutors are not driven by individual engines, the engines drive gearboxes which in turn drive the rotors. One engine will drive both sides but at reduced power!

    Oops! is this a whaa!
  4. Actually although you are right, beefer, there are a number of problems with the V-22. To save time and effort, I'll grab this from another thread:

  5. After visiting the Boeing web site, it was a stupid question.
    I didn’t envisage it having a common drive shaft which if I had stopped to think is the only way it would work. Sorry. :oops:
  6. Memory says that the ex Sikorsky Test pilot did a magnificent job of rubbishing it on Prunne a year ago when compared to the CH 53.
  7. The osprey is a P.O.S.