Could the MoD save some money useing LINUX

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RobinHood, Feb 6, 2010.

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  1. In the current climate, would it be more cost effective for the MoD to stop paying the hundreds of thousands of pounds for the MS licences and go Linux?
    Linux is more secure than windows. more stable, and is free!

    Thoughts................ anyone
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    far too many vested interests in keeping the MS gravy train running, I would think. from the billions paid to resellers and god alone knows how much to 'consultants'... jealous, moi?? :p
  3. you'd need to employ tech wallahs to keep it secure and up and running. Youd also need to teach every man and his dog how to use something thats not excel .
  4. Linux is open source so there's no knowing what can be embedded.
  5. Didn't a MS virus knock out all of France's carrier operations for a day or so?
    The Chinese partly use Linux because they can control the source. The c code can be inspected and changed before compilation.
    One of the other reasons was the banning of certain technologies during the 90s, we weren't allowed to sell them Sun computers back then.
    There are still considerable license fees to pay for Red Hat support which doesn't make a commercial Linux much cheaper especially if you are also paying VmWare for an ESX license for virtualized systems.
  6. I think the American forces saved a load of money by moving to Linux for their servers, but not for their desktops.
  7. Actually it's possible to deploy OpenOffice (a real version, not the cr*p in the green boxes) now on MS platforms as well as Linux and MAC - and "look and feel" is about 99% similar to MS Office products. Just some of the commands are in different places.
  8. @sunami

    "Linux is open source so there's no knowing what can be embedded."

    The very opposite of the truth. Open source software can be inspected by anyone - it's the closed source (like Microsoft) stuff that could contain anything.
  9. Cornficker has only stopped some Navy pilots from downloading some mission preparation data. They changed to another software and the issue was solved.

    A far cry from "knocking out all of France's carrier operations for a day or so".....
  10. Geeks
  11. windows vista for fist you know it makes sense :twisted:
  12. Probably not, the "per desk" license cost when you're buying severy thousnad licenses is probably less (for some reason the volume license page isn't working atm) than the cost of retraining everyone in the difference between windows/office and linux/open office and the premium for support staff
  13. What calibre is it
  14. I have yet to use any Linux distro that is any good on x86/x64 hardware.

    If the disparate current situation evolves into a situation where there is a clear leader, then M$ may have a fight on their hands.
  15. Why not?
    Written in Firefox 3.6 running on OpenSuse 11.2.

    I have friends here for whom I have built OpenSuse boxes. They are happy and have saved money too. What a winner.

    No M$ on my machine at home here - and I'm an MCSE X 2 to boot.