Could someone please find this cnut a job.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Airfix, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. Is there anyone out there with some pull in the job market who could offer a job to this workshy excusenik below, who's only contribution to the world is to crayon over the 'Clarkson's Heros' thread, whilst dribbling about how badly the world has treated him so that he has been unable to hold a real job down for FIVE YEARS (though has plenty of time to be a gobsh!te on ARRSE!).

  2. What right has he to even browse this site, let alone post on it!
    Why is he on here?
    I'm almost outraged!

    Cloak the scum! :x

    Issue an arrse fatwa!
  3. i've got a job for him..... Fig11 target anyone
  4. At least two people have pointed out that he could easily get a job stacking shelves at his local supermarket. Yeah, it would be a crappy job, but at least he would be earning instead of just being a parasite. :x

    He has yet to reply to these Posts; I guess the job is "beneath" him...or, more likely, too much like fcuking hard work. :evil:
  5. Wasn't Squeeth a teacher originally?
    Private tutoring, its the way ahead.
  6. Teach them what, exactly? How to insult men whose boots they are'nt fit to clean while scrounging off people who actually work for a living? :roll:
  7. Bone-idle, workshy, gob-sh1te CNUT will fall when hit! :twisted:
  8. Thats hardly constructive Frank. Currently, the man is a parasite and a pain in the arse.
    Get him back into the workforce and he will cease to be a parasite, and have less time to be a pain in the arse.
    You know it makes sense.
  9. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Glad someone started this.

    He has an opinion against Clarkson - well fair enough, the bloke isn't an angel - i'm sure he'd be the first to admit it.

    But Squeeth seems determined to hijack Clarkson threads to highlight his own deficiencies.

    He had a decent job, binned it/was fired because the management were corrupt (fair one if true), and is now selectively ignoring jobs (and has been for the last 5 years).

    Squeeth - i'd hate you to get stuck in the mud having thrown yourself off the Humber Bridge - some poor fcuker will have to pull you out - also don't chuck yourself onto the A62 carriageway, because someone will have to deal with the mess, and you'll probably kill some ex-soldier in the process (irony works like that, you cunt).

    My recommendation is just for you to either A: Buck your ideas up, get a life, get a job, get over all the bitterness that is consuming you, and actually contribute to society (and, ultimately, Arrse). Option B: Take yourself back down Spurn Point, and cast yourself out into the muddy shallows of the Humber, you self obsessed, insecure, complete turd.
  10. I think his avatars fitting though its from the film Catch 22 based on the book by Joseph Heller about a us pilot who acts a t**t to get out of his duties in ww2. I think your right Frank stacking shelves is below him. Having said that by reading his posts anything short of being PM or at least a labour front bencher is beneath him
  11. Fair one. I was allowing my natural instinct to use his head for a football to get in the way of logic. :x

    You're right: at least then he'd be one less parasite living off our taxes.

    I'd still like to take a baseball bat to him :twisted: Does that make me a bad person? 8O
  12. Yeah, he's a legend in his own lunchtime... :roll:

    I've more respect for the infamous Black-Mafia; at least he realised what a cnut he'd made of himself, manned up and apologised.
  13. If the cnut likes working with window lickers, a supermrket is the ideal place to be! He can help them, and bezzie them and even shag the bintie ones AND feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO superior while doing it!

    I disagree ref the fig 11 suggestion, but only on the grounds that paper targets need plywood to keep them upright whilst cnutiechops would need to grow a spine!
  14. I love Britain. I travel widely for work and it is always a pleasure to get back. But why does it reward indolence? I have been witness to Brits who sit on their arrse all day watching tv and at the same time criticise immigrants who come over here and "steal" jobs they are too proud to do themselves.
  15. well put legion.