Could Somebody Explain what a Medical Board Really Is??

Dear Med Community,

I have been downgraded by the Doc and the other day he muttered something about me being Med Boarded. He stated it was purely an administrative thing but now my brain cells are starting to whizz with questions like "so will they boot me out etc"

Could anybody please put my mind at rest and explain what this is?

Basically mate, it's a couple of old geezers (or sometimes just one), who will sit down with (or without) you, have a good read through your med notes and discuss your injury / illness regarding your current employment.
They will decide what pulhheems employment standard you should be. This is to ensure that you are graded correctly and that you are not being employed inappropriately for the duration of your downgrading. Don't worry, it's a very common occurrence, it doesn't necessarily mean you will be booted out! :D

Thanks very much. Do they also give guidance to the unit on how you can be employed? Also, when it is done, is it reviewed every ??? months?

Thanks again
The med board will only speak to yourself and your MO. Your PES will be varified and you will either be given a date for a review or told if your downgrading is permanent. Your scope of employment at work will depend on what your injury is. If you feel that you are / will be mis-employed, get your boss to speak to the MO or vice versa to set everything straight.

Hope this helps :D

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