Could Republican and Loyalist terrorism be contained, if Sinn Fein pushed for unification?

My kids Mothers, Father is a Catholic and served for just shy of 30 years in the RUC/PSNI. He served in Newry/Bandit country throughout the 80's, not a million miles from where you grew up across the border.
Is that diverse enough for you?

Your just another twat from across the border, that has no clue nor understanding of this country, yet tries to lecture others on the subjects concerning it.

Wiki wouldn't tell you that Catholics served in the RUC and UDR/RIR during the troubles. They were a minority because the community they came from wanted to kill them.
Photex a plonker for the second time, then
Yes I have it somewhere. I believe it was more of a 'report' produced on behalf of the MOD by a group of selected officers. I haven't looked at it for a long time mainly bcause I dont think it fit's the bill as 'history', though it does provide a bare bones framework to start from.

The number of books written about the troubles is truely astronomical - with many never reaching UK bookshelves. One major problem is the age old philosphical issue of 'what you see from my side of the road is very different than the view from the other side'. And that is so very true.

I honestly think that until we address the issues of contention we will never get the opportunity to write about the extraordinery effort of the mass of those who served in NI. It isn't just a matter of taking a look from the other side nor even u derstanding the perceptions thus obtained, it will need some understanding of the impact these had on individuals and communities. Maybe then those communities and individuals will reciprocate to try to understand the impact that taking a Brigade and a half of casualties had on us and our families and communities.

All history is revisionist....can't be any other way. Op Banner history? My view is that it remains to be written.
For any members of the UJC at Waterloo, a talk on Op Banner has been organised for Thursday 23rd April, 6.30


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Personally, I’d not bother with a referendum Let’s just give the stinking shite hole to the ROI especially if they want it so badly. Once done get rid of all the special rights the Irish have re U.K. & move them to the same status of any other foreign citizen.

Any ensuing fuster cluck can be the IDF’s problem.
Or that nice eu army, is Hugo still doing a nice line in black?
Coming back to the OP, it was T.E.Lawrence who said that fighting an insurgency was 'messy, slow and eating soup with a knife'. Perhaps soup has been repackaged, but we won't really know until the next COIN conflict - whatever the doctrine it didn't work too well in Basra.
I thought that T.E. Lawrence was aiding an insurgency, not fighting one.
The child, wore his wedding ring when she married. She named her son Robert after his grandfather....who was just 20 years old when he died serving with 156 Bty on the New Lodge Road. The gunman, Billy Reid hit four other soldiers during the incident. He was killed on 15 May 71 after being shot by a soldier on Academy Street near the junction with Curtis Street. Reid died just 11 weeks after Robert Curtis.
Didn't the Republican loons make a youtube video hero worshiping the murdeing cnut.
Considering the persecution of Protestants in Ireland after partition.

Is it any wonder Lord Craigavon at Stormont in 1934 said the following.

"The hon. Member must remember that in the South they boasted of a Catholic State. They still boast of Southern Ireland being a Catholic State. All I boast of is that we are a Protestant Parliament and a Protestant State"
Even after Collins signed the Anglo Irish Treaty in 1922 he told his Republican mates that he had no intention of keeping to the treaty and intended to force Northern Ireland by terrorism.


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Coming back to the OP, it was T.E.Lawrence who said that fighting an insurgency was 'messy, slow and eating soup with a knife'. Perhaps soup has been repackaged, but we won't really know until the next COIN conflict - whatever the doctrine it didn't work too well in Basra.

As noticed by our American cousins. Who went off and wrote books about that on their own, the ungrateful devils.
No, I do not think so called 'Loyalist' terrorism could be contained quickly enough so that it wouldn't generate a severe response from the Republicans, and therefore the spiral into The Troubles v2.0.

The Irish Defence Forces are in no way trained or equipped or financed to step into such Operations in Ulster. NI 'warfare' is like no other. It is in your face terrorism and so are the Civ-Pop from both sides of the fence.

The Irish Defence Forces make great peace-keepers - but they have yet to serve in a theatre of operations where they, their soldiers, their uniforms, and their mere presence are absolutely detested by much of the locals, like we were in OP BANNER.

People on both sides of the fence should be careful what they wish for, as I doubt terrorism can be contained there in the advent of a United Ireland.
Their was a youtube video somewhere about a plan the Irish Government had to send a company group from the Irish army across the border and seize an RUC station in South Armagh in 1970. They didn't even have enough ammunition for a single company and relied on capturing stocks from the RUC. Shades of 1919-21.

The IDF weren't keen on the idea for some reason and the plan was quitlely dropped.


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I saw a copy of that painting hanging in the Sergeants mess, 1 RNZIR, Dieppe Barracks, Singapore.
Was that one of the ones with the mouse staying out of the way?

Thats the one. Theres a mouse in the gutter
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Or that other occassion where God is asked to explain why Scotland was given beautiful mountains, soft clear water, plush green valleys, white sandy beaches and salmon filled rivers. God responded "Wait to you see who they have for neighbors."
You mean Ireland ?


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There was plenty of Republicans targeted from the 1980's onwards.

At the same time Loyalists were never behind the door in saying they looked to sow fear in the Nationalist community as it was they who supported and aided the PIRA in it's activities.
By virtue of having a house in or around a catholic area made you a PIRA supporter?
He never replied to my factual rebuttal of his crass comment.

He hasn't got a clue about the goings on in this country during the troubles.
if believing that helps you sleep soundly in your little orange Jim jams
The number of Irishmen or men with Ireland connections involved in the middle and upper echelons during the colonial wars is quite impressive.

I am thinking, off the top of my head, of Doulgas Duff, Henry Tudor, and Charles Tegart - and the seven hundred 'tans and Auxies' that wnt direct to Palestine to join them.
republicanism was struggling until the British dragged defeat from the jaws of indifference with the Tans
What happened in those parts of the South (or North West) Ireland which had large protestant populations, when the Free State was created? Iirc many protestants stayed. Did those who felt particularly strongly, leave for NI?
The population of Protestants in the 26 counties went from 10% in 1911 to 3% in 1926. Some were killed (Tom Barry killed 15 in Bandon, Co Cork. The rest were forced to leave. The remainder kept a low profile.
republicanism was struggling until the British dragged defeat from the jaws of indifference with the Tans
The ADRIC together with increased intelligence and a surge by the Army forced Michael Collins and the IRA to the negiotating table. Still why let facts get in the way of myths.

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