Could, or should the LibDems be the "New Tories"?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Aug 3, 2004.

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  1. No, they remain too left of centre

  2. Yes, if they harden and define their manifesto

  3. No, the Tory Party will recover after conference

  4. No, Labour will gain seats from a Tory collapse

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  1. Just picked this up, and wondered this.

    Has the Tory Party now drifted so far , that it's former position could be occupied by the LibDems with a "Hardened" manifesto?

    Especially, as it is rumoured that the next General Election may be a damn sight sooner than anyone thinks, as the Beloved Leader seeks to exploit the current perceived weakness in the opposition parties

  2. The Lib-Dems have taken over from the old Labour Loony Left - Their policies are now so extreme that it would be complete madness to vote for them. Higher taxes, ditching the pound, closer integration to Europe and as for drivers (Antichrists!!!.....).

    The Tories may still be adrift but, IMHO, there's not a reasonable alternative. Nor do I trust the buggers to follow up on the things they're saying - but then, what the hell, they're lying, thieving, whoring politicians. One up from child molestors and on a par with lawyers and accountants.

    :evil: :evil:
  3. The title of this worried me, i thought PTP you were calling for the Lib Dems to be renamed "Irish Horse Theives"/Tories. I would agree with them being the second party however :D
  4. Elections are decided by economies. Fact. The Tories will start to recover when the economy starts going up the spout, which it will. The whole thing is being artificially kept afloat by high consumer spending. As soon as interest rates start to rise, combined with the huge amount of personal debt being racked up, the spending will stop and the economy will go down the pan.
  5. If the Lib Dems try and seize the middle ground on Europe, between Labour and the Tories, they will increase in popularity. This may sound harder than it is but I would suggest that a slightly pro-Europe approach with the caveats that there will be a referendum on any constitutional change and that further integration should not equal handing over sovereignity.

    The European argument is fairly complex - there are a lot of benefits but, at the same time, there have been so many own goals - widespread corruption and incompetence (audited accounts in the last 10 years, anyone?) and the Euro project, a wonderful concept that should have been introduced gradually over a longer period rather than in a rush by Eurocrats anxious to cement their fame and by forced, rather than natural, monetary convergence. France and Germany would have been logical starting points and there would have been no problem with the coexistence of currencies in other countries. More natural integration and less forced integration would win public support!

    The Lib Dems appear the only party with a consistent line on Iraq, which has earned them great credit, as opposed to Michael Howard's valiant but doomed attempt at a U-turn and Bliar's denial of the facts and use of sophistry to force an "either my way or Saddam's way" argument.
  6. The Libs Dems are consistent, agreed............constistently woolly on practically everything.

    Europe.........we dont want it.......yet the Liberals are determined to tie us to it.

    Higher Taxation...Wrong..make better use of the money that is already snatched from our wallets.

    Defence.......They cant have a policy because PTP consistently fails to answer this particular question.

    Immigration and Assylum...........Ummmmmmmmmm????????????

    The Lib Dems are useful only as a protest vote, mid term and even now they are likely to start losing out to the likes of the UKIP on that particular playing field
  7. I refer the Honourable Gentleman to my response given to Chimera in this answer

    Sorry LWM, it is difficult at the moment, to get an authoritative answer.

    I will try and get a proper answer presently.

    In the interim, the existing policies and manifestos are on the links given in the link above, BUT (Caveat in) they are subject to revision at the next party Conference.


  8. Ok then PTP; I clicked above link..........and found a be honest a fudge factory!!

    Your link said nothing of any importance................much like your Party :D

    Where do you stand on Defence :?: :D

    What is your intent with regard to controlling immigration, both illegal and illegal? :evil:

    Do you (as a party in Government) intend; or even expect to have to, in order to fund your plans; raise taxes? :?

    How do you expect to pay for any changes :wink:

    etc etc etc.............I won't demolish you in one fell swoop................
  9. Short answer no.....they have no coherent policies............ They are in a 'Touristy Stylie'...............lost and cuntfused!!!!
  10. Cuntfused? Surely there are surgical options available to correct this awful condition?
  11. Gents there has been no Tory party, since the old women stabbed The Greatest living Englishman of the 20C in the back.
    Just a bunch of old tarts squabbling like fishwives.
  12. No...unfortunately they are full of cu-nt'osiss..............what worse is the secocondary condition full'a-shite-no- idea............... It's like Political can say what you want....and no-one will ever blame you.............Hang on............I see T.B.Liar in my patient records 8O 8O
  13. I am refusing to allow this or any other PTP commented thread go out of the top 10...until we get a straight answer to a straight question...........and they are after all Army related..and PTP does seem to be politacally motivated...... :D
  14. and both he and I are tired.....................Tw ats.....................laugh when you get your pox check-ups :twisted: :twisted: I CAN.............................. :wink:
  15. Morning PTP.ready to debate then...........? I am rosy cheeked and bushy tailed..........sell me your idea of Liberal Utopia :D :D :wink: