Could i join the TA while i wait for to start with the regs?


I got my start date for phase today and i got told 15th june 09 just wondering could i join the TA while i wait for my start date or will it fcuk anything up?

cheers :wink:
You'd need to go through the whole routine again; I'd just work on fitness if I was you.


yer was just wondering lol cheers ;)


ive been in TA for 7 months and half way through my training now, should be passed out by april. However im planning on joining the regs by june so will be going thru it all again. do i think its worth it. yes cos ill have a v.good idea of what to expect
The process will take 2-3 months, you'll need to start at the beginning of Phase 1 so would need to check dates - unlikely to fit in with your timeframe, youth - GET FIT!

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