Could I Join Later?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by SantaSpud, May 10, 2009.

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  1. [I'm just in the application stage and will have to put down my job choices when my med forms come back in a few weeks or so.

    Just wondering if I could join the Artillery as an OP Assisstant and do a few years and experience that side of the army, and then transfer to RAMC to be Clinical Physiologist.

    Also, what is selection like for Clinical Physioligist, ie when are intakes?
    And what the training is like and how long it takes?

    Thanx in advance.
  2. Yeah, nice text colour.
    Why don't you just join as a Clinical Physiologist and cut out the other bit?
  3. Well the main reason for wanting to join the army is to have a bit of the operational experience, however once i've had that I would be willing to go into something which I could continue a career in once I leave.
  4. oh come on, you should have at least a tiny piece of ambition!
  5. I was almost disappointed then, you took nearly 7 hours to have a dig this time!!!

    Couldn't agree more with Karabiner, if you want to train as a Clin Phys then do it from the start, although competition is already looking strong this year.

    Selection board sits in November each year to start Phase 1 training in the following January. Selection is comprised of a piece of written work, presentation on specified subject and then an interview with Haed of Cadre, representative from RAMC recruiting and representative from University.

    Hope this helps and Good Luck
  6. Oh thats awfully good of you. So glad you could spare us a though
  7. from the mouths of babes and innocents :D
  8. thanx for the replies, and I wasn't implying that I would use the army just to gain quals etc it was more of a case of settling down within the army for a longer term as opposed to going on operations when I'm in late 30's with a family, and when you have to leave after youve done your time (obv i can't go into civvy street to be an OP Assisstant)
    thx again SS
  9. Sorry, ive been in hospital. Must admit though it is a hell of a trade to have, and if you were to go RA first and the try to retrade, your reason of wanting to get some gongs first is pretty lame.