Could I get a sooner start date?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by northern_monkey733, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. I remember reading something on here sayin that as of April 1st they will be more vaccencies opening up so theres a chance of sooner start dates.

    I cant find that thread, is there any truth to that?

    Passed ADSC 15/01/09 start date given upto now 23/08/09. RE C&J.
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Why not use the time to get fitter? It'll help you out in the long run. Ask your Recruiter about it, they'll be the people who will know about places, you're joining the RE, places may be for other units so ask the people who (should) have the most up-to date info.
  3. Yes it is possible that you could get a sooner start date......... Are you going for infantry as we are taking in an extra 1,000 soldiers this year.
  4. Having met N_M I seriously doubt he needs to get much fitter (In a non raving hermer way :oops: ). The guy I done my oath with had got moved up a couple of months cause his recruiter managed to get a drop out slot for him, maybe ask your recruiter about that?
  5. Cheers lads.

    I'v Just been given a new recruiter (old ones left the office) I'l ask him.

    Not long for you at all now civi_git, lucky man... All the best mate.
  6. Massive bash for my Birthday/leaving , then off to basic a week later :D
  7. I have the same start date mate and am also going in the R.E, I've badgered about having a sooner start date but have been told to just wait 'cos there no chance.
  8. I'v been told the same thing today when I asked :x

    What trade you going for?
  9. Armoured Engineer mate I applied last January, Selection 28th November, ah well it'll be well worth it in the end.
  10. RE are at Bassingbourn and you'll probably find that all the places have been filled for the next 3 months, just wait and get some exercise in, use the time you have to get your affairs in order ;)
  11. just keep in contact with your recruiter once or twice a week, and there might be people that drop out.
  13. does anyone know when the next selection date is? i have my interview at the AFCO on 20th april. hopefully i can pass selection soon and start basic in august as well. is this realisitic? going in as re fitter general
  14. Theres selection dates all the time its just a case of them fitting you in, mine was roughly 2 weeks after my interviews. Then after passing ADSC its just a case of the next opeing for your trade in basic. Good luck mate.
  15. Selection is normally 2 weeks after the finally interview. There is a few signal spots for Pirbright on 17th May