Could I be Bulleimic

Iam scared the bulimia could have a hold on me

The other night I went for a night on the town with some gentlemen friends of mine. I quaffed lots of lager then moved on to Southern comfort etc.

In between pubs it was decided that we partake in some mid evening refreshments and nourishment so therefore made our way to the Kebab stall where I force fed myself a large Doner.

Then onto a club and continued quaffing.

When I visited the Gents room for a lagg, I looked at myself in the mirror. I hated what I saw... hiding my handsome features was a layer of chile sauce and a lump of cabbage.

On the way home that night we went for a curry from the local chogie shop. On arrival at home I felt fat and ugly and undesirable this ended in my vomitting up the hallway, through the kitchen and into the conservatory. Looking in the mirror I hated myself more and continued to vomit.

Am I bulliemic?

I think I could have a double dose of the disease as the Mrs hates me too :D
You may take heart in knowing that no matter how much you overeat, you will never be quite as fat, ugly, undesirable and hated as BB.

You may well be bulimic but at least it's better than being a bipolar boiler of bunnies.... :lol:
Gunny Highway said:
It's ALL in the mind Mighty.
No mate, she really doe shate me

Viro, thanks for the words of encouragement. I feel a whole lot better about myself now, so will reward myself with this chilled crate of Kronenborg :D


Mr Doh Nut

I admire you for having the courage to talk about this terrible condition on a public forum.

I have also had an experience with the horrors of Bulimia.

It always seemed to strike me whenever I did a BFT. I would have a full english and set off round the warmup lap without a care in the world. The duty PTI would then finish sorting out his flat-top and set us off on the second half.

I always used to set off like a fcuking greyhound, swastika running for the first 500 metres at a 7.15 pace. Unfortunately I was an 8.30 man and started blowing gaskets shortly after. Much to the amusement of the kids waiting for the bus on Queens Ave, I would put my right indicator on and cough my brekkers up, before proceeding with the rest of the run.

I have always thought that I was just a stupid twaat for setting off too fast. I now know that I've been kidding myself all these years and that each lungful of sausages that bounced off my lightweights was simply a ploy to deny my poor body of the calories it needed.

I feel so much better having confessed, I may treat myself to a shiit/beer/thrap/footy combo this evening.
Every thursday night i suffer from Builima, And i suffer like a b*stard on Friday. Personally I put It down to paying 1.30 for a pint of Shaftbender! .13 pounds goes a long way :)
Similar subject, but i think I may have annorexia!!!

I read up on the symptoms, one says, sufferers may look in the mirror and say to themself "I am fat", well i just done that and i thought "you fat bas***d"

Also i may be half bullemic! i do the binge eating ok, but i can't get the hang of the throwing up thingy afterwards!!

:wink: :lol:
Best to use the old "fingers down the throaty" thing then.
Have to be careful with that though.
Nearly took the conjoined twin's eye out with that move!

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