Could I ask the Military gentlemen a question pls?

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I have been receiving emails from this guy who says he is in the Royal Marines. He is a Regimental Sgt Major and trained at Lympstone. I have only got a first name.
We have chatted for about ten weeks. I have no clue whether he is in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Anyway, despite telling me on previous occasions when he would be offline for a while, he has suddenly vanished.
How do I find out whats happened without a name or unit number?
Will anyone at Lympstone tell me?

According to him, there is an awful lot he can't say online. I have a picture he sent me of his passing out. However, he says he is 24. Does that rank and age sound feesible?
I would appreciate some advice please?
RSM at 24, that's remarkable...

(Also, if he's a Marine you might want to check with the Navy/Marine site)

Is this a wah?
I wasn't here. I was posting elsewhere on a political messageboard getting conned! I have come here for info on the marines?
A 24 year old RSM would be exceptional. I think the RM websites (part of have the names of the RSMs on them ...
RSMs in the Royal Marines are not 24 and don't know how to use the internet.

He's probably got Design and Technology coursework to hand in by Monday and is too busy doing that to chat to you.

Listen carefully - blokes who chat you up in real life will be lying 40-50% of the time. When they're on the internet that ratio rises to about 95%.

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