Could Help for Heroes give it a rest this week?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Filbert Fox, Nov 12, 2011.

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  1. For 90 years the couple of weeks running up to Armistice day is time for the Poppy Appeal, a charity that uses the donations for those affected by all conflicts since World War One, this week for every RBL stand Ive seen about there has been a H4H stand almost next too it.
    At Tescos today, I went into the store and there was only a RBL stand in the entrance, when Id finished shopping there was a H4H stand next to it! I know H4H do a cracking job, but they only exist for 'our current wounded', remembrance and the Poppy Appeal is for those from all conflicts, couldnt H4H back off a bit during this time of year or is it a bit too much to ask?

    Just my point of view but Im interested on the views of others about this.
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  2. I agree.
  3. Ditto, volunteer or **** off
  4. Fair one in my opinion
  5. Director's wages won't pay themselves...
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  6. Agreed, they already get enough exposure as it is
  7. I've stopped giving to the lads who come round my work on what feels like a daily basis doing some sort of event for Help for Heroes. As a charity it does great work but there are other Service charities out there as I keep telling them. If I hear them planning something I try and encourage them to think about the others like the RBL or Combat Stress. It saddens me at times when you see the look on their faces when you suggest something other than H4H, it's almost as if the ones I suggest aren't good enough.
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  8. Agreed
  9. I'm with ya fella.
  10. Some on this site would appear to be of that ilk. The recent 'desert poppy' pish is testament to the fact that some people have forgotten (or perhaps never learned) their history, or perhaps see themselves as more deserved.
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  11. Fair point. I'm sticking with RBL and Combat Stress, not too impressed with my dealings with H4H
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  12. Agreed. Anyway, I have much more sympathy for those injured and killed who had no choice in the matter than for those who decided to make the armed forces a career choice.
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  13. How will Bryn and Emma Parry afford their new kitchen extension without surfing the wave of rememberence that has traditionally been RBL's turf?

    Never forget the work undertaken by SSAFA, BLESMA, ABF and other charities that have performed sterling service long before 2003.
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  14. Please, at least, consider, BLESMA in that list.
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  15. Agreed.

    H4H has developed well and does a cracking job. Unfortunately the Poppy is seen as an anachronism (sp) for the two world wars and nothing more. History indeed should be taught more.