could he have been an RAC Sniper? or a walt?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by bloodgroup_o+, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. Awrite Gents, was out this week on holiday and went down brecon for a Tab with my hard as nails grandad and we came across this pasty sorta bloke beastin himself up what I'd describe as a gentle slope. So I asked him "you trainin for selection?" as you usually get those types millin around there or sennybridge at the weekends an such. His reply was "not trainin for it" with a wink which made me think he was really just into airsoft tournaments and ray mears because he was wearin trainers with a bergen on for a start and the straps were in terrible nick :? . That caused my gramps to remark "bollocks" as we left ( he was with the malayan scouts and reckons he can "spot them" from 100 metres ) He then claimed to be a QDG sniper and had the badge on his smock ( which Infantrymen dont tend to wear outside barracks to my knowledge. ) This guy clearly couldnt handle a full guinness never mind the fan dance but I was wonderin if there are snipers in the RAC and if so are they used in that role much or are they jus general dismounted recce?
  2. Yes, you do have people do the sniper thing, but if they are good enough to qualify you rarely see them back at the regimental duty.
  3. Yes we do have snipers in the QDG,however we have non that would be tabbing around Brecon on there own. The only sniper in that area is on his SCBC at the moment and he is not the sort to saw a badge on his smock. We were in Wales recently recruiting so maybe this lad was a cadet that had seen our recruiting video featuring our snipers. Ive pm'ed you anyway mate.
  4. Don't most Formation Recce units have snipers in the support troop?
  5. Things might have changed but in the RAC in my day we did not wear trade badges. I knew blokes who qualified as small arms instructors and who were probably entitled to wear crossed rifles - but they didn't.

    Anyway, what does a sniper's badge look like? (if it's not crossed rifles).
  6. It is X Rifles but with an S at the top! 8)
  7. Have RAC rules relaxed to let individuals wear such badges - if they have the entitlement?
  8. To my knowledge there wasn't any rules in the RAC that forbade the wearing of them! Skill at Arms badges which includes the PTI X Swords is down to individual regiments, the only stipulation we have is that once you reach the dizzy hights of WO you cease to wear them! I can understand a regiment like yours forbidding the wearing of them cos' that's face it mukka you wouldn't have any room, what with all the others you wear/wore!!! :D
  9. Errr - we didn't wear any trade badges in my time. The only thing out of the ordinary was the inclusion of the Maid of Erin above rank stripes for full cpl and above. Not unlike some regiments wearing a wee tank on the upper arm ;)
  10. Yeah thats what I meant, with all the historical/traditional ones you have to wear there wouldn't be room! Unless of course you put them on your trouser legs!!! 8) As for the wee tank badge I'd rather wear that than a set of X rifles............................any day! :D
  11. My point is: we only wore one traditional badge and that was only for full cpl and above.

    Your lot ALL wore the wee tank - correct?

    Who's the overindulgent badge wearers now then?

    Yes we wore a lanyard too - didn't I see something similar in your lot?
  12. Yep we all wear the wee tank, I wouldn't say we were OTT on the badge front, far from it in fact and yes we wear a lanyard as well albeit in different colours depending which of the two regiments your from or you're at ERE! :roll:
  13. So how did our one badge (only for cpls and above) plus lanyard exceed the display of your mangy lot who ALL wore the wee tank?
  14. Apologies if I offended but I thought you wore few more accroutements than that! Some of the other Cav regiments do and it would certainly look a bit odd trying to find room for Skill at Arms/Trade Badges!

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