Could Gorgeous George be a role model for SoS Defence?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, May 19, 2005.

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  1. Yes.. a man of principle

  2. no....rabid antidisestablishmentarianist

  1. Love him or hate him the man sticks to his principles..........tonight on QT he has yet again run rings around his detractors and the Neu Lab 'Duty Victim@
  2. Principles are fine, IMO the man is a complete cnut but he not only talks the talk but would apparently walk it as well. Give the fucjer his due, he don't shy from a scrap unlike (insert any of our dearly beloved representives of whatever hue,creed,etnic ting wotever init)

    BOLLOCKS he's earned my respect just by pissin off cleatus and co.
    Respect- sh*t name for a party, tooo much diisin ting and going for the postal vote........earn respect, it doesn.t come on a plate (oops!)

    but begrudgingly ...VERY begrudgingly...Nice one you Jock cnut, now go and represent north of the border where you come from.
    Those of us from slightly south are rebuilding Hadrians..!
  3. I think this how Hitler got into power.
    Er slight exageration but ya knows what I means.
  4. Unt your problem ist?
  5. Problems ! no have, I find its the rest of ya that have problems.
    Sum more then others.
  6. The man's a communist, who has stated that the worst event in his life was the collapse of the USSR. Do you really think that he would protect the army's interests when it's a tool of imperialist capital?
  7. Surely GG would take the disestablishment line ?
  8. He needs to take the fukcing District line to Hornchurch. Cnut.
  9. A spade is still a spade, regardless of his principles!

    The f*cker is a TRAITOR pure and simple. I would not p*ss on him if he was on fire and i hope he dies of cancer!
  10. Do any of your posts not mention communism or socialism? :twisted:

    As others have said, the guys a Grade A ****, but he's got balls and is a bloody good public speaker
  11. 1: Many.

    2: Many total arrsehole politicians had balls and were good public speakers - the Austrian Corporal, for instance.
  12. George is a brave and principled fighter, who sticks to his guns and took the truth to Washington the other day. How often do you see principles and honest words in a place like that?

    If there were more politicians like him with fire in their belly and the guts to battle against injustice, then the country would be better served and we'd all feel part of it instead of being scape-goated and isolated (it's Hoodies in the firing line at the moment).

    If you handed a copy of The Sun to our George, he would burn it or wipe his ARRSE on it. What a MAN!!
  13. We may all be lamenting the collapse of the USSR when, in 10 years time, all those rag-tag republics have imploded into civil war and some Azerbaijani lets off a suitcase nuke in London.

    Say what you like about Galloway. He's one of the most persuasive and principled (and misquoted) politicians around today.
  14. Actually he is a communist. Anyone who laments the fall of Soviet Russia
    as a tragedy is at the least a sympathizer. Being a communist today doesnt have the negatives it once did. GG is not alone but he certainly is a small minority in the UK.
  15. Hang him like the traitor that he is!