Could fuel prices be up for a hike?/

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by re-stilly, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. First of all a refinery in Essex has gone broke
    Oil Refinery

    and secondly tanker drivers are going on strike.
    Tanker Drivers

    Along with the Iranians threatening to have a spat in the puddle off their coast, could this be the excuse the oil companies need to try and milk yet more out of us?
  2. They need an excuse?
  3. Well this is true, but it just means they will do so ever more quickly.
  4. Oh, how good, the cash cow that is motorist is to be milked harder once more. Of course the government will add its 1-3p hike that it claims is going up with inflation, then as the price goes up they can squeeze more out of it in tax.

    Very short sighted in my opinion. Lower the price of fuel and you'll have more motorists on the roads, more motorists means more cars, more cars means more people paying road tax and all the other little things we get our hard earned taken from us for. Some of the pressure will also be eased on the haulage industry, and will mean that more British companies can thrive and expand rather than have them go to the wall because of insane overheads and be replaced by foreign companies.

    If fuel keeps going up, the domino effect will kick in and we'll be paying through the nose every time we visit the supermarket. Of course its not as if the politicians need to worry about any of that so prepare to get hammered even more next time you're at the pumps.
  5. A mouse farted somewhere, best raise fuel prices.
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  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Fixed. No charge.

    Where the money goes from your litre of unleaded.

  7. I would hazard a guess and think the government will step in as they dont want to loose the opportunity of tax (on fuel) as well as all people now out of work
  8. One of the few pluses of being BFG, cheers easy!
  9. Have you really thought this through?

    The last thing we need is more motorists and more cars on the road.

    Granted if during the last 40 years, governments had spent the road tax they collected on building and maintaining the road system instead of bribing people to vote for them, we might have the capacity for more cars and drivers on our roads. But they didn't. And anyway the more roads we have the greater legacy of improvement and repair costs we incur. The real answer is to move away from fossil fuels.

    But that means radical thinking.
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  10. Helps if you live where there's competition too. Tescos in my town charges 5p a litre more than the one 10 miles down the road. Thieving bar-stewards, it's a good job I go down that way once a week. I don't understand why dopes still go there to fill up.
  11. Looking at all the bollocks advertising done by Devon County council for car sharing to save the polar bears I thought, that wont work but if we said "Car sharing to cut the tax take by the thieving mongs in government", it would probably stand a much better chance of taking off.
    Must pen a missive to the western morning news.
  12. Unleaded last week at the nearest gas station to Houston airport,$3.45/gallon(that's 3.8 litres).

    Somewhere in the 2 Quid/gallon ballpark?.

    The UK motorist is being taken to the cleaners by the government.
  13. Time to look at renewables?