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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by BebopAndRocksteady, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. I am nearing the interview stage on my application process and I have made my three choices, I would some inside knowledge on these so I basically know If they are for me :-
    1) Army Air Corps Soldier.
    2) Military Engineer Command, Communications and Information system specialist.
    3) Gunner Artillery Command Systems.
    Any advice would be very helpfull,
  2. if its something you want to do then take the time to research each job further rather than asking people here
  3. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Which is exactly what he's doing. Anything else useful to add?
  4. I have looked in depth at each job, but ideally i would like to know some inside knowledge about these jobs. I haven't just come to the forum and done the lazy route.
    Many Thanks
  5. asking people on here dosent answer his own question does it on if its right for him or not, it would purely be peoples own opinions
  6. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    So what? What does it matter to you if he seeks other people's opinions?
  7. You know what really sucks about this site is that when someone askes a question, numb nuts feel they have to rip them apart before answering the Fu**ing question.

    God damn it!!!

    if you havnt got a decent answer get bent.... many thanks.

    Right down to business :) i was researching Military Engineer Command, Communications and Information system specialist not long ago and i rang my recruiter for advice he later called me back with this advice...

    That job is kinda new its up and running about a year and there is alot of people in it that love doing it, however he said they created that job simply just to create a new job.

    he was recently in england researching the engineers and the different trades and he said not alot of people had alot to say about the job.

    he was talking to a guy in it that said he was on tour attached to the infantry and he had a great time with plenty of action and when he isnt doing that he is putting his combat engineer skills to good use etc or in HQ working with communications.

    i was on an insight course myself talking to a man that was on the air corp and he couldnt tell me enough how great it was.

    Gunner Artillery Command Systems this i have no clue about. hope this help a bit.
  8. Thankyou for the advice, any knowledge on Military Engineer (Armoured Engineer), which im debating on putting this as my 3rd choice as it has pretty good future prospects...
  9. I don't know too much about all your job choices, I'm starting phase one as an RE Equipment Mechanic in March. I chose it because of the versatility involved. Whereas in alot of jobs, you're a soldier first, then a tradesman. With the RE, your a soldier first, combat engineer second and a tradesmen first, so it seems to me like an open career with plenty of scope for progression in different areas.
  10. He's not asking if its right for him or not, you dung trumpet. Read his post.

    Bebop, what are your interests and what do you aspire to be?

    AAC is a good solid choice but it's not always what the glossy brochures make out (as with most jobs in the Army). If you have an interest in the AAC, ask the question in the Aviation forum. There will be plenty of groundies in there who will be willing to answer your questions on the job.
  11. i waqs also told that there is not alot to be said for armoured engineer.. not a quote of mine but fat boys/ farmers in big tanks hiding under cover for long periods eating till someone calls them.

    you have the titan and trojan which would be great to learn to work but i dont think you would be seeing much excitment in a trade like that.

    Again if its engineers you are going for most of the time you will be doing combat engineer things im told.

    Im going engineer driver after ruling out engineer communications but im told 2ill get to drive sometimes" most of my career might be combat engineer stuff which im happy about. getting down to the nitty gritty :)

  12. So you're not actually serving yet? And how exactly do you suppose you'd be in a position to give bebop inside information??
  13. He is only forwarding what he has been told. From what I can see he has not mentioned he is serving and claims to have "inside information". So get of your high horse
  14. I'll stay on my high horse if you don't mind. It allows me to look down on people.

    My issue isn't that he claims to be serving, its his opening line regarding;

    He has a ton to learn and ranting like that won't endear him to many on here.

    I really don't think bepop was looking for advice from someone slightly further up the pipe line than him. He was looking for inside information from serving soldiers in the various trades he has listed. He is free to take the word of oscar but as I suggested in my previous post, he may wish to ask in the relevant Arm and Corps forums if he wishes to get a soldiers eye view of the job. Let me know when you have your tits stowed? :roll:
  15. No. you'll be stuck in support troop driving wagons painting wagons, servicing wagons, folding up camnets for wagons, unfolding camnets for wagons, painting wagons PRE'ing wagons, POL'ing wagons painting wagons, sweeping the MT yard and learning to play euchre.

    The only field engineering you'll be doing in support troop is er..... not much.

    Hope this helps
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