Could British troops lose it during the Olympics & open fire for nothing?!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Astatine, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. Could so many thousands of bored, disgruntled, underpaid, demotivated, full of grudge, envy and hate, Army, RAF Regiment and Royal Navy troops compressed in to East London actually result in a mutiny during the Olympic Games, something akin to the Invergordon Mutiny?
    London 2012 Olympics: Makeshift barracks where thousands of troops will live during the Games | Mail Online

    If a charismatic enough British regimental colonel (remember Gadaffi), or even a lieutenant (remember Rawlings), or even a sergeant (remember Idi Amin) emerged, I can yet see a 'coup' in the UK, with the Houses of Paliament being siezed by between 20 up to 1000 fractious British troops, as in the film "V for Vendetta".

    The new breed on under 25 troops, who have grown up on their mutha's milk with internet and computer games from birth, could just about open fire on sportsmen, women, spectators, aircraft, helicopters, Thames shipping, out of sheer boredom or for the fun of it!

    I bet you that just like in Northern Ireland, troops with firearms in London have been issued with no more than 5 live rounds each! Or maybe like the Busbeed guards at Buckingham Palace, with just one round each! And that the Leytonstone Rapier batteries have only one live missile!
  2. I certainly hope so, the TV coverage would be so much more fun than the games themselves. :)
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  3. They don't like it up 'em!
  4. Gadaffi was only a lieutenant, he only promoted himself to colonel rather than general for 'modesty'
  5. Are you having a bath moment?
  6. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    all they need to do is drive in and block the roads to render the capital dormant. all they really need to do is ring canary wharfe and cut the power and the govt will fold to business pressures. I'm sure we have an emp generator somewhere for the task. if not AQ will happily provide one for us. apparently a carpet tube some wire and pe4 is pretty much all you need!

    bad timing though - I am reminded of the episode of citizen smith when wolfy stormed parliament in a nicked scimitar only to find it was the summer recess :)
  7. Is Tony Blair attending?
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  8. No. I've seen enough Hollywood films about US, UK and Russian troops going renegade in dystopic societies, and knowing how quickly discipline can breakdown or be subverted by a charismatic renegade, that my scenario is eminently plausible in reality: when Englishmen lose it, really lose it, they always give us a body count worth talking about!
  9. Or Adam Werritty and his little friend.
  10. No. It's bollox.

    Her Majesty's Regiments of Foot Guards wear BEARSKINS you prawn.
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  11. Would that be the same professional breed who were doing the business in Iraq & still Afghanistan :rolleyes: ?
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  12. Well lets hope that you're one of the 'body count'

    Then we won't have to put up with your drivvle!
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  13. Tests have shown that on a certain level those under 25 who have grown up on nothing but the internet and computer games, actually perceive the internet and computer game as reality, and what we call 'reality', they view as a game.

    You could easily have a junior RAF Regiment Rapier operator idly tracking and skewing his 8 Rapier missiles following a Afghanistan Airways Humbo coming in to land packed with different colured Olympic sportsmen and illegal immigrants, and he could suddenly flip in to 'default mode' & suddenly really believe that he's playing a shoot'em up Taliban computer game, slay his supervising officer, and launch and shoot down the 747, killing hundreds!
    London Olympic preparations: missile launchers in Blackheath - YouTube

  14. Would you squirt a bit of white wee wee if they did? Fuck's sake.
  15. I wouldn't mind a pint of what he's having though. Seems shitfaced...or off his head.