Could be the best RTS ever?

...if someone got around to making it.

Speaking of innocents, I want a War Sim where native townsfolk stand shoulder-to shoulder on every inch of the map and not a single bomb can be dropped without blowing 200 of them into chunks. Forget about the abandoned building wallpaper in Red Alert 2. I want to have to choose between sending marines door-to-door to be killed in the streets or leveling the block from afar, Nuns and all, with 30 carriers. I want to have to choose between 40 dead troops or 400 dead children, and be damned to Hell by chubby pundits from the safety of their studios regardless of which way I go.

Hillarious article. Actually, some of those could make interesting plot device for a C&C Generals Mod
Is this the one with media ops involved?

There are 2 others to compete with it coming up

One is cold war based

and the other is WW2 from the guys who made heroes of WW2 and claims to have the most realistic AI ever in RTS
He raises some good points for a game there. Taking everything into account that would happen in real life however we have seen how complicated 'real life' actually is when it comes to war so I don't think the game would sell very well apart from to the hardcore 'elite, leet, 1337' whatever.

And we can already get a certain degree of politics from the civilisation games without it becoming too complicated.

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