Could be embarrassing to remind strong man Mike of an old conversation

Gwent strongman comes out of retirement for truck-pull (From South Wales Argus)

Years ago I was in my 40s and trained with young Mike who was a Welsh International. I did have lung damage and the treatment tended to weaken muscle as an unwanted side effect.

And I recall saying to Mike "I will look you up when you are in your forties and see how much you got left in the tank then mate"

I searched internet recently when I recalled the conversation.

And I think if I were to remind Mike of the old conversation old BB would be the one with egg on the mush.

But I think a card acknowledging his charity work might be appropriate.
Have you ever considered hanging yourself?
Reading BB's post.... I swear to almighty danger-mouse that I was thinking 'Hmmm, almost sounds like Tropper'

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