Could be deported after 60yrs.

War Hero to be deported after 60 years??????

Here in Sunderland we have a War Hero who settled on wearside after helping allied troops defeat Hitler...
Now sixty years on,immigration officers have ordered him to return to his native New Zealand.
The government has told the 84 year old he could be deported unless his bid to become a British citizen is successful.

Originally from Wanganui on the west coast of New Zealand. He had been working on a British steamship during the second world war but was captured by the Germans and put on board the prison ship Altmark.
He was rescued by the Navy in 1940 and taken to London. Faced with nowhere to live and no job he joined the RAF.
He faught in Malta and Egypt and was also in the Royal New Zealand Air Force..Winning seven war medals.
Through a friend in the RAF he met and married a Sunderland girl in 1944.
They had three daughters and stayed settled in Wearside.

He has never held a British visa as he was allowed to stay in UK because New Zealand was part of the commonwealth.

A Home Office official said he cant comment on individual cases when asked.

His wife passed away two years ago, one of his daughters lives in Sunderland, one in Spain and one in South Africa.

He has been advised not to leave the country so cant even go to visit family.

He has two months to fight for permanent residency so he can stay in the country he calls home.

He said "I got a bit of a shock and thought’good God’when I found out."
"I was disappointed because Ive lived in sunderland all this time. Ive got everything here"
"My solicitor has told me not to worry, but Ive been told not to go out of the country because it could make matters worse"

How can a man of 84 years who has fought in the war, been settled for sixty years
and never put a foot wrong be so cruelly treat??

I found this whilst surfing the web :twisted:
Where is the link , and what is the date of the source?
No, just that 2 weeks doesn't give a lot of time to get things done, for anyone wanting to write to his MP etc.

I don't imagine he will be deported though.
This was on the national news here in New Zealand two nights ago - I couldn't find a link to the story on the web.

It's a bloody disgrace!!! It is difficult enough to get over here and settled in when you are under half this bloke's age, how the heck the British Immigration morons expect him to comply with their senseless decision is beyond me.

Surely a case for a swift ARRSE campaign on his behalf. Any one know who the MP is for his local area?
As much as I enjoy a good beat-up on the Govt this smells of a 'worst case' scenario. The guy just needs to apply for UK citizenship and on the evidence provided so far he meets the requirement. His age is not material to the case. If he had tried to travel overseas at any time in the past 40 years the issue would have raised its head. What passport would he have travelled on? NZ presumably. In which case he would have discovered then, at a younger age that a time limited Visa would have been required.

Still, to make a story out of it the media seize on the "84 years old", "veteren" and "forced to be deported if citizenship application fails".

Actuall the bit I enjoyed was the fact that on being rescued from being a German PW, faced with the stark reality of no money and no job he took the next best option and joined the RAF. Alwayt said you had to be desperate to join the crabs.
Got to be even more desperate to live in Sunderland...............................I'd be delighted to be deported from there!!

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