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Could Arrse succeed where Guy Fawkes failed?

I don't know but if there's a waiting list, can I please be added to it? I'm not strong or tough, I just want to say I had been part of it.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa was finally sorted out by a British engineer. Better not let it get into the press, or he'll start volunteering to help. Oh, damn...
Maybe I'm perverse, but all I could think of is that a decent car bomb in the underground car park would bring it down on top of parliament.

Methinks the Daily Mirror should be prosecuted for giving people ideas.
Hms Belfast is just down river, a cople of rounds from her main armourment should sort the self serving bastards out.
Failing that a shot or two from the BFO guns outside the imperial war museum.

Or the old fashioned way, charge in through the front door and bayonet every bugger in sight.


They must've been thinking of that when they designed our parliament house. It's a big fucking bunker.
A Polish friend of mine, who has been here for over 35 years lets her flat in Hammersmith be an open house for Polish friends visiting the UK. Once she had a group of 2 women and one man. Day after they arrived, the 2 birds went off sightseeing and the bloke stayed at home slugging vodka. Same the second day, when it was apparent that on the third day the same thing was going to happen, Elka says to the bloke Fer Christs sake Jerzy, you´ve never been to England before, go out and do something, go and see Big Ben´To which came the reply ´Why? Does he drink?

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