Could Arrse succeed where Guy Fawkes failed?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Victorian_Major, Oct 10, 2011.

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  1. I don't know but if there's a waiting list, can I please be added to it? I'm not strong or tough, I just want to say I had been part of it.

    The Leaning Tower of Pisa was finally sorted out by a British engineer. Better not let it get into the press, or he'll start volunteering to help. Oh, damn...
  2. November's coming up soon. Just saying, like.

    Any hopes of an early Christmas present?
  3. Just get an arrse-maiden to lean up against it when sparking up a fag.
  4. I've not got much on in November.

    Can I use this in me suicide video?
  5. Big Ben is not leaning. Big Ben is a fucking bell.
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  6. Well, I'll be fcuked from arrsehole to breakfast, I didn't know that.

    Is the Roundhouse in Camden square?
  7. I wonder if we can get that nice Norwegian chap out on day release? He should liven up Prime Minister's Questions...:twisted:
  8. That's a bit harsh, he's just misunderstood.
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  9. Maybe I'm perverse, but all I could think of is that a decent car bomb in the underground car park would bring it down on top of parliament.

    Methinks the Daily Mirror should be prosecuted for giving people ideas.
  10. I think this is what you actually meant, no?

  11. Could be a problem in 4000 to 10000 years?

    Jerry built shite!
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  12. Were did you get the pink AK from? Very G-A-Y! You go girly! Love to see someone "Ave a go" at a few MP's in the Houses of C with a pink AK-47!
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  13. Bollocks, the Jerries can't even build a Reich to last 1,000 years let alone 4,000.
  14. It's Orange ya daft bugger and it fucking hurt once I gave it back let the little fucker brass me up. (After me and his dad spent twenty minutes twatting around with it)