Could anarchy really happen this year?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Kingfisher, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. So with all this talk about M15 expecting trouble this year, government troops being asked whether they would open fire on UK citizens, and the masses generally more informed than ever about the mishandling of the banks and economy by the government, I must ask the very real question:

    Is there a chance that there could be a genuine outbreak of mass civil disobedience this year? I'm not talking about the extremists, hippies, students, or the usual rent a mob anarchists. I'm talking about the members of society who would normally steer clear of protests getting involved-the British tax paying middle classes.

    Imagine the situation. A march is finally organised to protest the governments mishandling of the banking crisis. It seems the whole country has come to a standstill, EVERYONE is heading to the city for this one. (Including many off duty members of the Army, such as many people who would be reading this). The largest economic crisis in history has produced the largest protest the country has ever seen. Tensions are high, both with the protesters and the police. It is a powderkeg waiting to explode. What has originally started as an act of protest begins to turn into an expression of rage.
    Some fireworks and rocks are hurled by protesters, and the mob mentality takes over. It kicks off big time. Opportunist troublemakers and chavs quickly join in. Synchronised marches in other cities quickly turn ugly too. The police baton charge, which many perceive to be heavy handed. Some protesters decide to have a go at the police. Running battles in the street. Cars are torched, looting breaks out, live rounds possibly put down.....

    Not outside the realms of possibility, I think it's fair to say. It's unprecedented that so many working people have felt so angry and frustrated, and trust in the government at the moment is non existant.
    What do you think folks? Could the unthinkeable really happen?
  2. I'll bring my tin foil hat for head protection to the rallies.
  3. Its not anarchy, its just a repeat of the last time Labour were coming to the end of their time in Government.

    Last time we had Maggie to square it away. Thoughts are reserved on Cameron and his fellow Tories.
  4. then V blows up parliament, yes?
    seen it on sky last week
    good film
    v for vendetta?
  5. I hope so, it's about time we have a summer of discontent.
  6. This has been covered many times already.

    There will probably be some riots starring the usual subjects. There will be no middle class uprising.
  7. Sorry im late,couldnt find me wig.

    As to the middle classes rising up in unison against the state?

    It wont happen,they dont have a fight in them and the goverment knows it.

    They have sleepwalked into this situation,were happy to sit content and smug for years as their house prices went up and their freedoms went down.

    Now some may cry foul at what has happened,but are paralysed,by fear of the systems retribution,to do anything about it.

    As boner inspiring as the thought of pitchforks and lynching's may be,its all a bit French isnt it?
  8. NO NO NO!! That's not what I'm getting at! What I'm saying is, it only takes a handful of irresponsible people and the whole thing gets out of control. It could easily happen.
    Just check what happened at the Dublin riots a few years ago. People joined in impromptu. They were streaming out of the pubs to get involved in a riot for shits and giggles.

    So enough of the tin foil hat crap. No one is going to be storming the bastilles, we all know that. But it could kick off, that's certainly a possibility.......but it would quickly be put down by the state. But the potential is there for a football hooligan type event, where pissed off people start breaking things.

    Again, no middle class uprising. Most people would scarper. You might have serious scrapping for a few nights, possibly even martial law declared in the worst hit parts, but that would be it.
    The scenario was that a mob mentality would temporarily take over amongst middle class law abiding citizens. It would be back to work on Monday for them, and a story to tell on the lunch break...
  9. Fee, fi, fo, fum, is that the smell of journo scum?
  10. ah i see

    white riot, i wanna riot
    white riot, a riot of my own...

    a poll tax riot for the 21st century?
    any protest can be hijacked by anyone

    still a bit french though
  11. The posters name would suggest as much.

    What a journo hopes to achieve from such a thread baffles me though.

    'A military insider said "well there might be a kickoff,but probably wont.".'

    Riveting stuff.
  12. I like Kingfisher, laying on the beach in Goa, a couple of bottles of Kingfisher are just the job.
  13. Afraid I'm no journo boys, rather a humble butcher with an interest in current affairs. Sorry to spoil the witch hunt. But yeah I can see how you came to the conclusion, low time poster asking journo type questions.
    I think I'll shut up now.... :oops:

    P.s the name was a tribute to James Jesus Angleton, a.k.a "Kingfisher". Head of the CIA for a bit. Clever guy, if a little paranoid at times......
  14. 'Fee, fi, fo, fum, is that the smell of journo scum?'

    My thoughts exactly - joined two weeks ago, only 10 posts - which paper are you researching an article for? Just back from the pub, are you? Get out and do some legwork instead of lazily trawling for comments on here to use out of context.
  15. And the term "Government troops" stinks of 60's Russia. We're HM Forces, HM standing for Her Majesties, God bless her.