Coulby Newham

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by rebel_with_a_cause, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. What or who is Coulby Newham? I thought it was a character in Dynasty but I could be wrong. :? :?
  2. Ah now the fog of war begins to lift. Things become clearer.
  3. What was the occasion for your question, just out of interest?
  4. Its on the outskirts of Middlesbrough, there is/was a TA centre there, although its nearer to Hemlington than Coulby.
  5. Is there a prize for the shortest thread on ARRSE?
  6. Yes and I was really hoping to win it, but your reply took me over the five entries and I lost!
  7. perhaps you should keep it going then and try to make it the longest?
  8. I'll help.
  9. You could promote it as ARRSES longest, random, pointless thread maybe?
  10. Coulby Newham is the epicentre of a mad plot by the Bn to be known as 5 MI (V) to get Yorks RFCA to build them a brand new TA centre in York after the rudely snubbed the offer of an all singing and dancing facility in Warrington which the Sappers snapped up scarcely believing their luck.

    The plan is that first of all they sneak into to the North East then hang around a bit until someone takes pity on them and offers to spend millions on a brand new centre in York which as we well know has poor comunications with the NW, NI and the rest of the country but is easily accessible for London which is all that matters.

    Top plan
  11. somebody's tired... :)
  12. Wing Commander St John Coulby-Newham was the Commander of 47892232 Flight RAF (VR) based at the Joint Subsitance Investigation Unit at Templin Barracks.

    Moderators shold not tolerate any OPSEC violations regarding the incident that resulted in his being PNG'd by the Soviet External Realtions Bureaux (GSFG / 16 TAA)
  13. ? :?

    Thought this loser had facked owff. Never mind.........

    There's not many things lower than the TA, but the RAF is certainly one of them!!!! :lol:
  14. Now there are elements here that are familiar, welcome Sir Sidney.