Cougar 6x6

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by aremf, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. We don't need this, just the paint.

    The website claims the Cougar can drive through a minefield without getting a scratch.
  2. Why the fcuk would you drive through a minefield?
  3. Maybe Des will prove it for us.
  4. It looks like it might be of use - seems to have a higher spec than snatches - therefore it must be better.
  5. Why not just use Warrior FFS?
  6. Scares the sh1t out of the local population and they are VERY expensive to run!!

    Edit to add; Warrior are an Armd Inf asset and natrually they can't and won't lend them out, (lack of trained crews etc) meaning they end up doing all the dangerous escorts etc. Cougar will require a lot less training for the crews so therefore any unit can sign for them and use them for whatever role they are tasked with.
  7. And besides, it's so we can lower our profile. WR is far to aggresive!
  8. That is not going to lower your profile even if you paint it orange and white
    :D (colour of local taxi) its huge .Offers more protection and simple to use
    its whats needed though large armoured box on wheels.And dosent look like a
    tank .When will we see a footballer with one in waitrose carpark :D
  9. Warrior is no longer just for Armd Inf. Those very nice men from the QRL had a Sqn of them on TELIC 7.

    Did a good job with them too I may add. Especially the 4 man fitter section ;)