Couch to 5K

Just a heads up for anyone looking to get running a reasonable distance.

I have just trialled a version of the "Couch to 5K" running programme, best thing is its a freebie! from here Robert Ullreys website

You need a MP3 player as they are set to music and obviously a decent pair of trainers. It is a 9 week programme and gradually builds you up from a alternating 1 min run/ 1.30 min walk to a non stop 30 minute run by week 9.

If you are looking to get reasonably fit, start running again or try something different, give it a go!

The only downsides to it I found were some of the timings were out when timed with a stopwatch IE the 28 minute run was nearer to 26 minutes.

The only other thing is the program is aimed at people who have done absolutely no phys for ages so you may find you can run 5K in a quicker time than the podcast tells you, for example running the final 30 minute run which was meant to be your 5 K, if measured how far I was running on and found I was running nearly 7.5k in 30 minutes.

Hope this helps some of you fatbodies out there! :D
PrinceAlbert said:
It's a nine week programme, but I can only see 7 downloads?
Theres deffo nine on the link, listed week one to nine. Anyone has any problems, I have d/loaded them all and can send them on.
Excellent find!
As a long-term idle slob, I think I might give this a serious try. Thanks to BRL for pointing it out.
I've been doing this of late and it's bloody brilliant. At the start I could barely run for a minute without being out of breath, now I'm well on my way to a reasonable 1.5 mile time.
Its the same system they use at the RRU's, very effective, particularly when returning to fitness from injury.
Brilliant got 8 weeks until selection so starting on week 3 just what I've been after just need something for the wait between that and basic this backlogs been a blessing in disguise :)
Any chance of this being put on a sticky? It sounds like a good resource for those with grand aspirations but even grander waistlines.
after reading everyones good words about this think I might have to give it a go, been having a rough time with the running of late and need to get it sorted before I reapply. (put application on hold due to fitness and injury).

Good luck to everyone with the programme.
Ive had 18 months of downgrading due to a crucia ligament op so this sounds ideal!

I just need to find a techology geek to show me what a podcast is?
You need to save the podcast to your PC (right click on it, the select save as...)

Then upload the podcast (should be a MP3) to your ipod.
Barrack Room Lawyer said:
You need to save the podcast to your PC (right click on it, the select save as...)

Then upload the podcast (should be a MP3) to your ipod.
Cheers Mate, I will give it a try!

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