Couch Potato Survived on Scotch...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pensionpointer, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. Armchair Warrior

    Spent five days recovering in hospital! Should have taken the fat git outside and beasted him for being such a lazy twat!


  2. I'll remember that one next time the missus finds me p!ssed on the living room floor.
    "I was just trying to survive"!!! :D
  3. LMAO! Hey, grain is one of the four food groups! ;)
  4. "But after several hours without food or water, he admits, he became quite worried. "

    What an effin' t*sser...

    No wonder thiks country is going down the tubes with morons like that around.

    :x :x :x :x :x

  5. I dream of whisky bottles rolling within reach.........unfortunately they are usually empty.
  6. The country is going down the toilet because of the treasonous and reckless political and financial elite. But they like people to blame idiots like the guy that was trapped under the sofa, 'chavs', immigrants, public sector workers, etc. Anyone but themselves. An age old ploy. Seems to be working well, from some of the blame that I hear and read being spouted. The enemy is within but it ain't a 19 stone piss head with a back problem.
  7. Would make an excellent 'Hamlet cigar' style advert.
  8. I hope it was a good Malt and not some pissy, cheap supermarket sh*te...Id be worried too if it was !!

    Good survival skills that man :D
  9. How the hell can a couch fall on top of you :? He must arrange his furniture in a pretty bizarre way 8O
  10. Maybe his pad resembles a large version of Mouse Trap !!
  11. haha, I was thinking more along the lines of a WKD advert
  12. Or maybe he leant it up against the window because his neighbour was watching him through the window.
  13. Whiskey my ar5e.... bet it was an old Bells bottle he filled with his own pi55 to save having to move off the sofa during the ad break in Jeremy Kyle... Notice it doesn't mention the ASDA bag full of turds he had next to it to ward off the hunger pangs.
  14. He made it two whole days without food or water? They should put him on 'Survivor' - or whatever the latest programme is now - with that record. :roll:

    And who would have thought couches could be so dangerous?
  15. So to summarize: he spent two days getting pissed? poof