Costumes for Taking the Blood of Butterflies

Weaver Hughes Ensemble is seeking authentic costumes for the production of TAKING THE BLOOD OF BUTTERFLIES by Sean Burn at Oval House Theatre.

We are seeking donations of army wear, including: Boots, Jackets, Trousers, Helmets and so on. All of the costumes would be what you would wear in the field, in a arid and hot country.

We are also looking for advice on where we could obtain de-commissioned weapons for the production.

Please contact us on this email address or on, and our London address is 12b Carholme Road, London, SE23 2HS.

Details of what we are looking for are below. All donations would be gratefully received, and acknowledged in the programme, as well as complimentary tickets to the production offered.

Costumes sought for TAKING THE BLOOD OF BUTTERFLIES by Sean Burn

24th October to 11th November 2006

Ranks: One Colonel (American), 2 privates (German and French) and One Army Doctor (English and Civilian enrolled into army)

The is a peace-keeping force made up of different nationalities

This a hot and humid country, or the colour should be light

4 pairs of army boots, heavy duty and well worn
Seizes: 6, 9, 9 and a half and an 8-9

Four Helmets. Again worn and well used
Sizes: 3 * 23 and 1 * 33

Four jackets
Sizes: 2 * 34, 1* 40 and 1* 42

Four T-shirts
Sizes: 2 * 34, 1* 40 and 1* 42

Four pairs of trousers
1. Waist 34-36, Inside Leg 32
2. Waist 36, Inside Leg 33
3. Waist 31, Inside Leg 32
4. Waist 28, Inside Leg 31

Back Packs
4 Back packs

2 patrol (assault) rifles
1 Colt 45 or Smith and Wesson
1 Walther PPK
Empty Cartridges and Shells



Might I also suggest 4 sets trouser twists and webbing belts to hold the trousers together, daysacks or patrol packs for back packs and possibly any spare PLCE (well ally'd up with black and nastied FFD's etc) for this worthy cause. Holsters and slings would probably be very useful as well.

I wouldn't worry overly about the exact sizes of clothing... after all the QM doesn't!

I am sure that anything else that anyone may have that looks the part would be gratefully received.

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