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costs in the army

I am a serving member and my co has just decided to change the dress code and now you must have name type at a cost of £5 for 4 its not the cost I am angered about is just the way they do it and it just keeps going up and up in the end and with my unit you have to pay for your cap badges at £10 and cross belt at £85 and a stable belt at £30 can I clam this back of the army or what help would be much appreciated


Strictly you cannot be made to wear anything you have to pay for... But we all know that stable belts etc passed muster! You cannot claim any of this back from the army, but could put it against tax!

What is a crossbelt by the way?
In my unit there is an old and bold full screw that keeps receicpts for every purchase he makes that he would use for thr army inc- boot polish , razors , hair cuts , pens the list goes on but you get the gist . He has an accountant back in uk that deals with the whole tax issue and this Cpl gets hundreds of pounds back each year . He was the brunt of many a joke ( tight old git etc ) but he sticks at it and whos laughing every April . Personnally i counld'nt be bothered seems too much like hard work . But back to the original thread , it is a bit much having to pay for all this extra (regimentally specific) kit . For us Cav types it is a pain in the ARRSE , as we have loads of 'odds and sods' to buy its not the cost its the princple .We do have a new RSM and new C.O. in a few months so god knows what else we will have to get . We wear our cross belts maybe once a year . What stuff do other units/ corps have to get hold of ? 8)

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