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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by leg55, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. Hi Guys

    I should be starting in Oct at Catterick, Do you get charged for food and accomdation during phase 1 training? and if so how much is it? (ie is it at a lower rate due to the low pay being rec at this stage).

  2. leg55
    why are you worrying about what youll be paying for food and accom? worry about what is ahead of you rather than what youll get in the bank and unless its changed from when i started training (7 years ago) for the first 6 weeks there was a pay parade and i never saw a pay slip.
  3. I have now found out it's about £760 after everything.

    I am taking a pay cut (in the short term) to join the army, was trying to establish if I was going to get the min of what I need, only just lol.

    I am ready for basic, just trying to get all the knowledge on the little things around life in the army (1st year).
  4. £760, you'll be lucky.

    Unit tracksuit, various other funds 'appearing' near pay day, you'll be lucky to see 200 quid.

    Don't the Army keep a percentage of your wage behind, and pay you a lump sum at the end of training?
  5. Is this true? I thought your given cash for a couple of weeks, then everything started to go into your bank, do you really get that much taken out of it at first?
  6. i am currently at ATR Bass and the recruits here get pay parades till week six then it is bank paid from here on in...
  7. i just passed selection and we were told that we wuld be paid in cash at first, but for how long we werent told that yet. but any ways, we dnt get pay slips? i saw someone put that up, is that true? well i aint bothered though, i am jus excited, i am swearin my oath of aligence soon, i seriously cannot wait, i can tell you that now. but if anyone's got any tips, alot of info wudnt hurt at this point in time...
  8. you get either 25 or 50 quid a week during training and you get that in you hand. the rest you get at the end when you go home after passing out which is a about a grand
  9. When i joined 5 years ago @ Catterick we got 50 a week cash in hand ...while they we're sorting out our pay into our banks.
  10. Had my ADSC the other friday and the sgt told us you get £50 a week until your pay into the banks is sorted out then you get the rest of the wages (minus) £50 a week (depending how long it takes, if it takes 4 weeks and your getting payed £200pw for example, £200 x 4 = £800 - £200 (50 per week) = £600, you get the £600 in your bank and then get payed as normal.
  11. :roll:

    maybe he wants to make sure he has enough money to feed himself and has a place to put his head down?
  12. :roll: you complete chopper how do you know the guys circumstances he asked a perfectly reasonable question and the first answer was from a nob! good luck to the original poster on your future career enjoy your time and join in as much as you can :D
  13. hi just a quick question when i was in a interview with my recruiter he said that depending on when i join the start of the month or the middle i will have to take my own money to get me through the rest of the half month does anyone no how much i will have to bring ?
  14. I was told the same thing, recruiting officer said all you really need cash for is toiletries/sweets and the like £50 odd quid or so, not so much that there's a theft risk though.
  15. This was a real problem for a lot of guys when I went through training. Lots of whom were in debt and couldn't wait a couple of months for a bank payment. Ensure you're financially sorted for a worst-case scenario of two months and you'll be all right. You barely need any money in the first couple of months of training anyway and you haven't the opportunity to spend any.

    The £50 you're paid in hand should be more than enough.