Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Outstanding, Mar 8, 2013.

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  1. The sting in the tail of this Op will be the revelations of costs that redployment bring.
    No equipment can be left (dipsosed of by gifting or destruction) in ISAF under their rules so is it all coming home?
    The amounts of kit and the relative value will be a shocker.
  2. I think there may be quite a lot of bilateral gifting. Not that it ever really works 'costhe kit is usually shagged out and there are no spares and the Afghans can't maintain it. But it looks good for the politicians and it saves the disposal/repatriation costs. The Afghans are inveterate hoarders, so they will take anything the CF want to gift or leave behind.


  3. I know the current ops in sandy places mean nothing that has ever happened before with the military means anything but just think, the military has been in the position before when they pull out of somewhere kit gets binned and trashed.
    This is a lesson that could be relearnt but, because it happened prior to Afghanistan and Iraq it just isn't relevant so a fresh lesson has to be learn't. Again.
  4. Blobby,

    I think they have learnt. What do you expect the loggies to do? You ship back what works and that you want to keep, you gift what you are prepared to gift, politically, militarily and ethically, and you scrap/sell the rest. There are certain laws of physics that can't be overcome. To fight a war you need a lot of kit. That kit deteriorates with use, particularly in harsh environments. There are disposal and shipping costs that can't be waived toget kit back from theatre to UK. I am not sure what your point is?


  5. ISAF have directed that in line with Afghan Government no ISAF forces are allowed to dispose of anything more in theatre. So, no gifting, no selling, no scrapping and selling, no burning or burying. The line is that if you brought it in - you take it back out. Should be fun!!
  6. Starfleet`s General Order #1, otherwise known as The Prime Directive, is the most prominent guiding principle of the United Federation of Planets. The Prime Directive dictates that there can be no interference with the internal development of alien civilizations.

    If the directive has been disobeyed already, practical compliance thereafter means, take your rubbish with you when you leave.
  7. I think the cost of the shagged out kit we have left at the end will not hold a candle to the sting in the tail of the whole cost of the ****ing fourteen(?) years by the time the last guys clamber onto a chopper and GTF. The one redeeming point is that we will leave a self sustaining and democratic govt, er... no... we won't even leave that either.

    The least we can do is leave the poor savages some scrap metal to make agricultural implements. It might be the only worthwhile thing we do.
  8. The planning for redeployment has already taken place. Its just going to be like when we came out of Iraq (name of the Op escapes me, something beginning with B).
    I dont believe that any prime movers will be gifted, that was certainly the angle we were looking at whilst planning (On H16).
  9. Can't we just park it up in the desert and deny it with a nuke?
  10. No that would imply long term improvements.
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  11. All the shagged kit will be stored in one location and a massive fire will destroy it.

    A claim to the insurers for lots of A1 kit will be filed. Money in the bank and no cost of shipping it back.
  12. Shit! Does that mean we have to fill in all the holes? There were so many bomb craters in some of the Bloody places I saw it looked like the moon.
  13. USMC may give us a few pointers...
  14. They never have in the past - why should they now?