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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Dragstrip, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Probably the wrong forum but I lack the imagination to find a more suitable one...

    I bought a coffee and muffin in Costa at Exeter Svcs on the M5 yersterday and got a 20% discount for being in the forces (or for being in uniform, not sure whch). Being a Costa regular (but not usually in uniform), this took me by surprise; is this a new thing?

    The muffin was raspberry and white chocolate, and very nice it was too.
  2. Was it a Moto service station by any chance? I think they've given discount for a while, I'm not sure about Costa though, I might have to try it out.
  3. They will give you the discount in or out of uniform - just show your ID card. Only works at Costa at a Moto Service Station.
  4. Thanks, yes it was a Moto SS. So, its no good flashing my MOD 90 at the Costa in Guildford High Street; shame.
  5. Shakeaway in Winchester do squaddie discount too!! Their banoffee pie smoothie is TOP and obviously healthy as all smoothies are diet food :D
  6. F*ck me ! So your one of those big timing wierdos that wander round service stations (generally covering about 4 laps of the full interior, and looking around in a full 360 arc every ten-fifteen paces) in full rig making sure every c*nt knows your a soldier, there is one in EVERY single station at any given time, generally a bit on the well fed side and usually to be found hanging round the tarts that are selling AA cover just inside the front entrance..get a civvy jacket on, grab your scran and coffee, have a p*ss and get to where your going
  7. Isn't that classed as mixed dress & highly frowned upon in Military circles?
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  8. So what ? Your own personal security is your own responsibility, who is going to stride up to you in an M5 service station to grip you for wearing combat trousers and boots ? You cant escape the fact it is merely a big timing measure, your either on your way home, back to camp from course/errand ect, sloping round service stations with a beret on like a melted wok giving it the 'dead eyes' is f*cking shocking, en masse ? not an issue, quite fun when there are enough of you..
  9. Jarrod,

    Don't start that stupid story off again!!

    Google Starbucks hoax.

  10. WAH!!!
  11. I googled it and couldn't find anything. *

    Costa Coffee and Starbucks are both rip-off merchants anyway. £1.95 for a black coffee?


    "No - just a black coffee please, I've had enough sex this morning".

    Oooh, that gives me an idea for a "Worst Service Station in UK" stylee thread, but, obviously I will search to see if it's been done before.

    * You are still shite at Wahs, sorry mate xxxx
  12. Wah.
  13. Ever hear of driving hours ****-knuckle? 45 mins break every 4.5 hours driving BY LAW!!!!!!!
  14. Check out the date of the post, you nugget, unlikely to be scanning the interwebs for a fight a year later...

    Please choose a new username and start again.
  15. He will most likely get emailed that there has been a reply. Don't call me a nugget for fighting our corner!