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Cost to level a garden


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Chuck a couple of pigs in there. They’ll have the whole yard turned over and looking like the Somme in a couple of days.
What could possibly go wrong?
@Moderator could forget to attach his jpeg property!
And for further advice on things going wrong, paging @MrBane!
What could possibly go wrong?
@Moderator could forget to attach his jpeg property!
And for further advice on things going wrong, paging @MrBane!

If you are referring to post #4 then all I'll say is that 20+ people have rated the post and at least one has commented on the subject of the image...

Have you ever stopped and thought, 'hmmm, might be just me'?

Mr Bane makes an appearance on page 2 / post #23.
Is the bottom pic Coronation Street?

E2A The Duckworths?
It is - from a quick gurgle, it is number 9 and has been home to many including the Duckworths'.



There's plenty of those round here, and I can 100% assure you that they don't put Astroturf in their yards. All manner of broken vehicles, toys, farm implements, furniture etc, yes. Astroturf, indeed turf of any description, no. It occurred to me a while back that they consider it "treasure". Be useful one day, but not today, kind of thing.


Those people who can't afford real Afro Turf ...... and the planting costs :)

Joshua Slocum

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Hi all,

Once more I must ask the accumulated knowledge of Arrse.

Recently moved into a new house, and the garden needs fixing. It's currently uneven, so needs levelling, and there's some Astrotuf that I'd like ripping up. Additionally, there's a patio area that needs levelling and another gravel/har base are (currently with a shed on it) that would need ripping up.

Looking for the whole area to be grassed over, except the patio & under shed which just needs re-levelling.

Total ground area is approx 90m².

Any ideas what this should cost, so I don't get ridiculous quotes? I live in South Essex, if that makes a difference.
first ascertain whether any electrical supply cables
water supply pipes
gas supply pipes
telephone conduits
or drainage pipes or sewers are just below the surface
otherwise the job gets expensive

check out the local area for groundworkers, the guys that dig trenches footings and do re instatment work, some gardening outfit will do it for you
no idea on price , as you need to take into account disposing of any waste materials ( if its a new house then some right horrors wil be just below the soil)
re routing or correcting any drainage work that runs high
ensuring the new garden is set to prevent water running back into the house, or flooding an adjoining property
and bloody air raid shelters !


Sounds lovely.
It's an alley that goes up the side of the neighbor's house, and round the back of their garden, then stops at the corner of mine.

I think the neighbor's just dropped all their paving slabs down their and its overgrown. A decent weekend of work would probably fix it.


Why don’t we just lift that path and returf we said... bound to only be laid on a bed of dry mix, builders always cut corners, we said... few days, couple of quid...


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Have a wander around your local area and see who is having landscaping done.

Ask Landscaper for a price etc but before committing see how the job is going in somebodies else's garden.

Ask the property owner how much they paid and are they happy with the workmanship etc.

There will be probably a few gardens being done at this time due to lock down and home owners having a bit more spare cash and time etc.

Your local face ache page may have people recommending Landscapers and pictures before and after etc of work done.

Skip's and equipment costs money so be prepared for some largest bills, for example I spent nearly a grand just on skips just to clear the site on my property I brought last year. (To be fair it looked like the 'Lost Jungle of Borneo before I started and now looks like the Somme).

Rule of thumb ask for a least 20% off the bill and pay cash for labour at the end.

Credit card for any building work (Section 75 Credit Act may apply if the Builders fail to do a decent job etc). (Don't pay up front and if you have to buy materials then order and pay the Merchant yourself and ensure materials are delivered to your site and not the Builders Yard).
I'm looking much more at the "throw money at the problem and get a pro to do it" approach rather than "DIY and mess it up".

As I will mess it up. And the Frau will not forgive me.

First ask a few individuals what their day rate is, THEN ask them how long it would take to do the job. Multiply one by the other + materials and specialist tooling/equipment = cost.

Its sadly one of those jobs where if you do not ask the right questions and have the right approach they will just look you up and down, then give you a take the piss price. Ask the neighbours if there is a local jack of all trades, preferably a gardener come landscaper around the local area, there is usually always one.

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