Cost of the war.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, May 11, 2006.

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  1. Sergey, what do you care? It is costing you diddly squat sat in Moscow. Is this just an excuse for another one of your 'let's slag off the capitalist west' rants?
  2. That was nearly as much fun as watching paint dry :lol:
  3. At least you can get high on paint fumes :lol:
  4. Andyroo!

    I thought that this information would be interesting for ARRSErs. As you see I haven't made any comments but am interesting in comments made by our friends.

    As for capitalism then Russia is even more capitalist now than the UK where (at least from formal point of view) the 'reds' are at power.
  5. How much is Chechnya costing I wonder?
  6. And you obviously don't care much either, Andyroo.

    Let's bring a bit of relevance into it: The Septics are funding the war on a vast trade deficit. One of the consequences of that could be that the USA has to default on repayments and that would bring down the whole pack of cards. Don't forget; when America catches a cold, the rest of the world sneezes. It happened once before in the Great Depression in the 1930's. The resulting market crash plunged the whole world into economic turmoil, which greatly aided a short Austran politician into power. He kicked off a little caper which we now call WWII.

    I'm not saying it will happen, but in those far-off days, nobody saw the subsequent consequences either.

    Just a thought! :D :D :D :D


    P.S. The war in Eyerack is costing the British taxpayers 1.6 million quid a day.
  7. Cost me three months of my life, didn't even get a proper tan ffs. Then the pittence id saved up quickly went on beer and several rather expensive 'professional' ladies
  8. Bugsy, it's not on the back of a 'vast' trade deficit, it's as part of the national debt. Two entirely different things. As for defaulting on payments I'm not sure that's even in the cards except as part of a worst case scenario, the US debt load per person as a % of GDP is similar to that of the UK and Germany and nowhere near the burden of the per capita debt in Japan. No one seems to be predicting Japan's bankruptcy or demise. This quarter as a result of the economy's continued growth the debt burden even shrank slightly by a half of a percent.

    A large majority of the debt consists of low and average yield Treasury bills sold to investors both domestically and overseas as part of the more stable portion of their portfolio. People and organizations don't buy US bonds as part of a risky investment strategy.

    One of the ironies of the debt is that it shows investor confidence in the US economy, in our labor markets, production, stability, etc. Generally returns to investors on bonds financing the National Debt are around 5%, not what one would buy into if the investment was considered risky or near bankruptcy.
  9. "If I knew something that was important for my country but devistating for another, I wouldn't tell my president, because I am a human - because I am a human by necessity and only a Frenchman by chance" - Charles de Montesquieu 1689-1755

    shame he was French, shame that the people who started this didn't even know anything!

    - C
  10. Afghanistan cost the Soviets $8.2 bn a year - every year.

    The first Chechen War cost around $5.5 bn.

    While these figures are not broadly comparable, they are huge sums of money for a country that cannot afford to waste money.

    Sergey! There was a time I appreciated your slightly 'different' take on the World and its events, but recently the ranting is becoming distracting. Change the record or bugger off. Cheers.