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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Infiltrator, Feb 9, 2013.

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  1. Moved from London to deepest Wiltshire a while ago. I am just stunned at how much public transport costs.

    It's nearly £7 return to go to the local town. I know it doesn't sound much, but when you take the car it wouldn't cost anything like that in fuel, parking might just bring it up to the same cost, maybe, but then I don't have the inconvenience of waiting in the cold and wet, of being able to travel when I want to, of not having to sit to some git.

    When my wife and I go in together, the economics just don't stack up at all. There is simply no comparison. The car wins every time.

    I think, what brought it home was my plan to go to the Shooting Show at Stoneleigh this Sunday. I thought I would, just for a change not fire up the Land Rover. I'd go a bit green and train and bus it.

    Feck that for a game of soldiers! Over £50 return on the train, and when I get up there, there are no buses that go to the show ground on a Sunday.

    So guess what? I'm taking Betsy. She will never burn that much fuel there and back, free parking at the show ground and I can come and go as I please.

    What incentive is ther to go by public transport these days. Are there any upsides to it? I can see any at the moment bod all the jou yes that I can make by public transport I am disincentivised to do either. Surely it should be so cheap as to make me not want to use the car for these trips.
  2. The worst part of public transport is having to be near the proletariat.
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  3. I go everywhere by plebwagon, but I have a pass so it's worth it, does that make me a prole?
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  4. That makes you an ancient prole. I hope you're not one of those types who sits on the poor person carrier for the whole route and back, just for a day out whilst stinking of piss and rusks.
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  5. Pubic transport in large towns and cities is probably good value, its down to bums on seat and distances.
    Plebs can live, work and die in their hometown, its the metropolitan elite that need to travel. So pick your town carefully because 1 day you may well be stuck in the bastard.

  6. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    the joys of opening a cheap council service up to 'fair competition' everything they privatise turns to shit. and prices have rocketed up while they use the excuse of improved services which means they charge you 4 times what they used to and run more buses on the profitable routes to justify it.

    at least the old service would run till late whatever the weather.
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  7. That's me all right! How the hell did you know?
    I also open me mac on occasion to the delight of the old dears.
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  8. Using my geriatric bus pass is brilliant, if you just want to go to the town centre, but no good for out of town shopping. Added bonus is young attractive ladies give up their seat for me! Mind you I am a poor old ba----d
  9. Buses seem very poor value to me. My current commute is by train and taxi or bus.

    Taking the road distances (as the rail route is irrelevant)

    The train element is 50 miles and costs £7.50 each way (With a weekly season ticket) £0.15/ mile
    The bus element is under 2 miles and cost £2.00 each way. (Single fare) £1.10/ mile

    Even without a season ticket the train would come in at £0.42 / mile.

    That said you do really need a season ticket to get best value on the trains. Either that or book in advance. This is not as daft as it seems because generally if you need to travel at peak times it's because you're going to work so it's a regular thing.

    For me to travel peak times to London which I sometimes have to do with work costs £0.66/mile with a full fare walk up ticket or £0.21 a mile if I bought a weekly season. An advance peak ticket would be about £0.25/mile. Off peak can be very cheap.

    Looking at the car, if you allow annually for:
    Depreciation £1000
    Road tax £200
    MOT £50
    Insurance £500
    Servicing, tyres £500

    Total £2250. Split over say 15,000 miles a year is £0.15 a mile before you've put any fuel in. 50mpg on diesel at the moment is about £0.12 a mile so the car comes out at £0.27 a mile.

    Clearly many people will have a car depreciating on the drive while they are commuting on the train and traveling with more than one person changes it a lot but on the whole I think for the sole commuter the train isn't that expensive.

    Buses are shocking though!
  10. If you plan it right you can travel vast distances for free. For example I did Exeter to Poole in 5 hours, just don't drink to much and pee every chance you get.
  11. The U.K., for a country which claims to be so "eco" and concerned about everything has horrifically expensive public transport costs. A car even with the super expensive fuel here still wins most of the times. You would think that a country which is smaller than the 10th largest state in the U.S. would have a very well developed and affordable public transport - at least that was my perception anyways before I moved here for work.

    I am still amazed how much cheaper it is in the continent (DEU, AT, CH experiences) compared to here - I can usually get a week pass for the price of a return tube fare here.
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  12. Well part of that is because we are paying to bankroll the EU economies....
  13. My car was due the MOT last week The garage is four miles away so I drive down and get the bus back home.
    £1:70 single or £2:25 return.
    Bus was clean and tidy,driver very happy and helpful,so helpful he stopped at the end of my drive to let me off.
    That said the only other occupants were a young woman with a baby buggy,three kids and six shoppping bags - she didn't look so happy.
  14. The AA have some handy running cost numbers vor various scenarios here:
    Car running costs | AA
  15. I don't take the bus as I'm not scum, but train fares are ridiculous. Driving and parking is far cheaper and, if there's more than one person travelling, taxis are.