Cost of pint / pissed ratio

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Run_Charlie!, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. What's the cheapest drink, that gets you pissed fastest - ensuring a cheap night on the razz?
  2. In Scotland they mutter something about "White Cider", allegedly made from onions.

    About £3 a gallon - and liver damage/Sheriff Court appearance guaranteed.
  3. Poitin in Ireland.

    I can get it fairly cheap and it WILL get you arseholed in no time at all :D
  4. In darkest Somerset there be a brew called Chew Valley. It looks like it has been passed by the County Examiner, amongst others, and should come with a letter which begins "Sir, Having tested this sample I am sorry to inform you that your camel is not pregnant..."

    It looks like the poncy orange juice with bits in. It tastes like appley alcoholly washing up least the first one does. Then all of a sudden you are no longer on speaking terms with the lower half of your body. Gentlemen, I give you Chew Valley Cider, the acceptable (more or less) face of nerve warfare. Or if you are really flush, pay an extra 25p a pint and try some Rat. Black Rat that is....only don't fart unless you are really sure that what is going to come out is what you can a)tolerate b)expect and c)will not render you socially unacceptable beyond the obvious frantic lighting of matches and feverish wafting.
  5. VMT

    But I'll stick with Guinness, Bushmills - and Col. The O'Scolaidhe's Regimental Poitin.
  6. And you'll also know of "Brain Damage" - scrumpy with large gins poured in. :roll: :oops: :wink:

    A man once produced it at Wincanton, and was warned off for life . . . :1: :party:
  7. May I commend you to Col. The O'Scolaidhe's Regimental Late-Bottled poitin?

    Not a drop is drunk until it has at least touched the inside of the bottle. 8)

    It renders imbibers brilliant and convivial; and endows ladies with exquisite singing voices and an immediate grasp of Advanced Harp-playing. :D

    Warriors engross upon it, and become invincible. :twisted:

    Sobriety returns by 0900 two days later. :p

    And The O'Scolaidhe's Oul' Wan will slip ye a case fer a pony. :wink:

    Preferably one that's a prize-winner from Appleby Horse fair. :lol: :wink:
  8. Anywhere you like, I'm female and get all my drinks brought for me :p
  9. The sad news is that, despite being known as 'Hollow Legs' in my younger army days, these days I find that half a dozen pints of rancid dish water will get me flat backed and baying at the every night is a cheap night.

    I do recall a visit to The Plume of Feathers in Princetown on Dartmoor (overlooking HMP Dartmoor) and was introduced to two local brews, Fast Death and Cripple Dick. The local folklore was that no-one had finished their third pint.

    I still have an unopened bottle of Crippled Coc.k in my kitchen and keep it for that special day!!
  10. Ah The Plume of Feathers...always good to pitch up there while the thirsty boyfriends were at the bar and the girls were out changing out of wetsuits/walking togs et cetera in the car

    Great fry-ups the next day too.
  11. Gentlemen, I offer you Buckfast

    And in case you're not convinced yet:


  12. Is this anything to do with Cheddar Valley as well? Found a pub in Bath that would only serve it to you in half pints, that was after we promised to keep our clothes on!
  13. Reference my last...yes it is the same. I am the in-same...