Cost of Nimrod MRA.4

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dunc0936, Apr 9, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone tell me in short why the Nimrod replacement so badly over budget and so far behind its delivery date?? I have heard many stores and Bae blaming the MOD and Visa Versa? and I have a few comments of my own but would like to hear from some better informed people because it sounds like the two new carriers are heading for similair problems as well

  2. Write your own story.

  3. None of the existing ARRSE threads on Nimrod give you the quote you want journo?
  4. Because the two parties involved were the MOD and BAe?

    See also, every other thing the MOD have ever bought from BAe.

    If you get front page I want £10k. Otherwise you can have it for five.
  5. lol Journalist lol I know I have not been on here for ages, but journalist no, have as much distrust for them as most people on here
  6. This has to be a waah.

    MRA4 is neither over-budget nor late.

    It's cancelled. As dead as John Cleese's parrot.

    Norwegian Blue. Lovely plumage. You get the idea?
  7. Not only dead,but airframes turned into beer cans by now.
  8. such a waste, especially after all that money, though I did hear stories in some papers that it did not have that many supporters, some of those in the RAF. It does seem to me that only having one major aircraft manufacturer in the uk does not help, we used to have at least 6 that I can name of the top of my head, so where is the insentive for them to bring projects in on budget and time?
  9. Rationalisation and merger of speciality manufacturers has been one of UK's many post-war disasters. As you say, there is no performance incentive for a monopoly supplier whose main business is in fact overseas somewhere. Look how things could have been: take the example of the V-bombers - RAF/MoD puts out a requirement, and gets in return not one but three fantastic advanced airframes, pretty well all on time and budget.
  10. So I suppose the question is, is there any other platform that can take up the role of the MRA4 or could there be at a relatively low price? i.e using a Boeing or Airbus platform and converted?? perhaps put it out to tender as you said as we did in the past rather than just go to Bae??

  11. Done to death already. 'SEARCH' is there for a reason.
  12. My experience of maritime recce and ASW is limited to playing too much Harpoon 20 years ago, but one option could be to buy P8 Poseidon from the US.

    India appears to be getting theirs for US$220M each, which seems a bit of a bargain really.
  13. Apparently the RN are in search of a MPA with a budget of £1b, not sure that would be sufficient for enough P-8s but some stop-gap P3s maybe. Turkey also got 10 ATR-72 for €260m which could be good, or even an armed version of the RQ-4.

    Alternatively for £1b we could get 111 HESA_IrAn-140s'
  14. I know very little about the kit that was supposed to be on the Nimrod MRA4, but from the fact that it was no doubt specced up in 1990, using 'mature technologies' as was military kit designers won't, and still not in service in 2011, my suspicion is it was all obsolete junk. Compare a high-end gaming laptop today with the power of the biggest minicomputer you could physically jam into a Nimrod airframe back in 1990. No contest. That AEW variant of Nimrod that was cancelled way back when had an enormous GEC4000 minicomputer as its entire hi-tech brain and I think my iPhone is more powerful than that was!

    My extremely limited knowledge of ASW ops a la Nimrod of old leads me to suspect based on no information at all that the key thing you need is a Bomb bay for all the sonar bouys, depth charges and torpedoes you need to lug about, and then the consoles for the operator which do all the clever and secret stuff, and some antenna so that all the clever stuff you drop in the water can talk to the clever computer kit on board... But here's the thing... If the state of the art 1990 clever stuff on NImrod can be equalled or bettered by a bit of clever software on a commodity laptop these days, then all you need is an airframe with a bomb bay and somewhere for the intrepid submarine hunter to sit/plonk his laptop. So give or take a few antennae poking through the skin, that would mean you could do the ASW mission that the multiple-bazillion 25 year rolling Nimrod cluster**** couldn't using the BBMF Lancaster...

    Time to retrieve a few Shackletons from museums and gate guardian jobs?
  15. Sorry if this has been done to death, a little out of date with the site, will have a search around, though shame government does not listen to the well informed people on here a little more often, sure projects could be run better than they are, get back to projects coming in on time and on budget

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