Cost of living !!!

General question which I hope someone can shed some light on ...

I am in the throws of re joining... But lets just say at some point in time I were to be mobilized, what would happen with pay ???

If mobilised as a private I guess I would be paid accordingly !!! But this would be significantly less than I earn for my civvie job (which would not pay me if I were mobilised). Do the MOD take into account the fact that I would have Mortgage, bills, cards etc to pay for, aswell as the obvious child care costs, which I pay for quite comfortably now, but would struggle if I were on £30 per day !!!

Any advice in this matter would be a a great help.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the prompt reply ... Should be able to reassure the wife that the rug will not be pulled from under her and she be out on her ear should I end up going away for a time ...


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